Dec 112017
Christmas Card Helpers

Hey Wally…what do we have here? It’s our Christmas cards for this year, Ernie. The mom had them made and they came in the mail the other day. Wow! It looks great! Of course, I’m the best looking Island Cat. You and Zoey…eh…you’re okay, I guess. Don’t be so sure about that, Wally. Everybuddy knows [read more]

Dec 232013
Mancats - We Win!

Hey, Ernie.  Didja see how many Christmas cards we got this year? Yeah, Wally.  Every year, we get waaaay more than the peeps do. How many did the peeps get this year so far, Ernie? Didja count them? 10.  That’s it, Wally. And how many did we get? 31!!  And that doesn’t count all the [read more]

Dec 192011
Mancats - Christmas Talk

Hey Ernie…Christmas is less than a week away!  Are you getting excited?? Oh yeah, Wally!  I can’t wait!!  Mom finally got our Secret Paws presents packed up and shipped out.  I was getting worried that she wasn’t gonna get it done in time!  I made sure I got some of my spits and furs on [read more]

We Got Cards!

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Dec 222009
We Got Cards!

We got Christmas cards!!! Lots of them from all our furiends from all over the world!! Waaaaay more than mom and dad!!!  Look!!   Here’s most of our cards… And this doesn’t even include all the e-cards we got too!!   Here’s the cards mom and dad got. One’s from the bank people so it doesn’t even really count… [read more]