Dec 192011
Mancats - Christmas Talk

Hey Ernie…Christmas is less than a week away!  Are you getting excited?? Oh yeah, Wally!  I can’t wait!!  Mom finally got our Secret Paws presents packed up and shipped out.  I was getting worried that she wasn’t gonna get it done in time!  I made sure I got some of my spits and furs on [read more]

Dec 242010
Christmas Eve Secret Paws!

Whoa!  Look at this huge box that the man in brown shorts left on our front porch! It’s our Secret Paws package from The OK Cats, Fuzzy and Zoe! Y’know…we were their Secret Paws, too!! C’mon, mom!!  It’s Christmas Eve! Let us open it!! Hey!  There’s three bags of presents… One for each of us! I’m [read more]

Dec 062010
Mancats - Box Snoopervisors

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here!  Y’know what our favorite thing is about the holidays??  Decorating!  Because when mom decorates, out comes all the boxes!  Lots and lots of boxes!!  And y’know we just hafta snoopervise…isn’t that right, Ernie?? Oh yeah, Wally!!  Box snoopervising is our specialty!! There’s BIG boxes like the one the tree comes in… Hey, when did trees start coming [read more]

Dec 262008
Nipped Out!!!

We hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa Paws was good to you! What did Santa bring us?? A nip nanner!! This is some potent nip, Ernie!!! Let go, Wally…lemme have the nanner!!! Guess we gotta share it, Ernie!! Whoa!!  I think I’m nipped out… Hey…could someone stop this room from spinning??? Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail