Jul 062012
Formerly Feral - Chillaxin'

Hi, everybuddy.  I’m just chillaxin’ here.  We still got the hots…and now we got the storms, too.  They’re like Mother Nature’s fireworks! So, I’ve been having some problems with my pee (yeah, a girlcat like me can say pee).  I’ve been going to the box a lot and sitting awhile, but not much comes out.  So, the [read more]

Aug 122011
Formerly Feral - Weekend Plans

Oh, hi!  I’m just chillaxin’ here…getting ready for the weekend.  Here’s a list of everything I’m planning on doing this weekend: Napping Watching Bird TV Chasing Ernie Whapping my mousies around Eating Window whiffing Playing in my tunnel Letting Ernie chase me More napping More eating Whew!  That’s a whole lot of things to do!  I hope I [read more]

Nov 152010
Mancats Chillaxin'

Oh, hi there!  Me and Ernie are just chillaxin’ today, sharing this sun puddle and a little brotherly love… Hey, Wally!  Your head could use a little washing… Why, thank you, Ernie!  I appreciate you keeping me clean! Hey…what’re brothers for, Wally?? Think I’ll catch some zzzz’s now… Yeah, me too, Ernie…this sun’s making me sleepy. Hey, Wally!!  You [read more]