Jul 232018
Fun and Unique Boxes from Cat in the Box

Hi guys! Ernie here. Most of us cats love boxes. It’s a fact. Cats and boxes go together like peanut butter and jelly…night and day…chips and salsa. You get the idea. If you put an empty box out and there’s a cat around, it won’t stay empty for long. But why should us cats settle for [read more]

Jun 192017
Cats and Boxes on International Box Day

Put an empty box in the middle of a room… And if you have cats… It won’t stay empty for long! A box is a cat magnet! What is it about boxes that us cats love so much? We don’t know…we just do! Cats and boxes go together like… Peanut butter and jelly Fred Astaire [read more]

Jun 192015
International Box Day

Hi everybuddy.  It’s me…Zoey.  Today is International Box Day…a day joyously celebrated by cats everywhere.  Because cats love boxes.  Or they’re supposed to.  But I have a confession to make.  I don’t!  Seriously…I’m very wary of those cardboard contraptions.  I’m afraid if I step paw in one, it will eat me! For Box Day, the lady [read more]

Jun 302011
International Box Day!

It’s International Box Day!    We like boxes, we cannot lie Big boxes, small boxes…we don’t know why    Hiding in them is so much fun And they’re a quiet place to nap after a run      So if you give us a box, we’ll jump right in We’ve said it before and we’ll say [read more]

Jun 192009
International Box Day!

Today is International Box Day!!! We love being in them…     On them…   And under them…    We even love playing with them…   We’ve never met a box we didn’t like!!! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail