Jun 242018
Easy E's Cat World Domination Day and Selfie Sunday

Hey guys, today I’m joining in with our friend, Summer, and celebrating Cat World Domination Day. Though we know cats dominate the world every day…this is the official day of recognition. How do cats dominate the world? Well, you can’t deny that us cats call all the shots. WE are in charge. We do whatever [read more]

Jun 242013
Cat World Domination Day!

In honor of our furiend, Sparkle’s, birthday today we’re celebrating Cat World Domination Day! Now we know us cats dominate the world everyday, but today’s the official day of recognition, right Ernie? That’s right, Wally.  And I’ve decided that us cats aren’t gonna stop at World Domination. Nosiree!! We’re moving on to the universe!  Cat [read more]