Mar 152010
ManCats Watching Cat TV

Hey, Ernie!  This is a great program on the Squirrel Channel! Yeah, Wally… there’s 3…count ’em… 3 evil squirrels putting on a show! It’s called Squirrel Circus!! Check out this acrobatic squirrel hanging from the suet feeder!! He’s quite the daredevil!! Y’know Ernie…if that woodpecker who’s been coming around sees that squirrel eating all the birdie food… it’s gonna be a [read more]

Feb 012010
ManCats - More Cat TV

So what’s on Cat TV today, Ernie??   Hey look, Wally!  It’s Mr. Evil Squirrel! He’s eating all the birdies’ food!!  Aw, change the channel, Ernie! I don’t wanna watch that squirrel make a pig out of himself…   Okay, that’s better… It’s the Feather Channel and the Downy Woodpecker Show is on!!  Hey, Wally!  [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Dec 282008
Easy E Sunday

Mom got the Dewey book for Christmas and she’s spending more time with it than us… So I hafta find other ways to entertain myself… Think I’ll watch some Cat TV… Hey, look!! It’s “As The Squirrel Turns!” One of my favorite shows!!!