Mar 042011
Formerly Feral - The Winner!

I’m so excited because I get to announce the winner of our Canyon River Feline giveaway!  Whoohoo!!  This calls for a tummy shot!! But before I start waving my paws in the air, we wanna thank the nice people at Taste of the Wild for asking us to try their food and letting us do this [read more]

Mar 012011
Taste of the Wild Cat Food Review and a Giveaway!

Hi!  Wally here!  As the oldest…and I might say, wisest…cat around here, I get to tell you about a new crunchie food we were asked to try and then review called Canyon River Feline from Taste of the Wild.   Now we don’t usually eat a lot of crunchie food…mostly as a snack…but since Canyon River Feline is grain free and we [read more]