Jun 092014
Mancats - Lucky Bunny

Hey Ernie!  You see what I see?? If you mean Mr. Bunny, Wally…yeah, I see him! Ernie…I’d give anything to get my paws on that furry cottontail. Look!  He’s coming closer! And closer! Oh!My!Cod! He’s right there! Darn this stoopid window! If it wasn’t here, that bunny would be all mine! He sure is lucky, [read more]

Aug 162010
Mancats - Introoder Alert Again!

Whatcha doing, Wally?? I’m on the lookout for that new introoder cat, Ernie!! What?!?  Another introoder cat?? Didn’t we just scared off that last one that was coming around?!? Yeah, we did, Ernie.  But now there’s a new one. I saw him sniffing around our big spruce tree. I bet he was looking for the bunny [read more]

May 272010
Thursday in Our Garden

  It’s been hot here the last few days…mom won’t turn on the cold air blowing thingey yet.  She says the fresh air is good for us…we think she’s just too cheap to turn it on.  So we’ve been doing what we can to stay cool…like laying on the table and countertop. Mom planted some of those flowers [read more]

Oct 222008
What's That Wally Doing?

Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally Doing?   It’s a great day for a walkabout the yard… Hey, next door guy mowed his lawn… this grass feels good under my feets!!! I gotta check out next door guy’s plant… Any bugs in here??? Gotta stop for a snack…nom, nom, nom… Uh oh…I think the vishus [read more]