Aug 172018
My Favorite Black Cat

Hi everybuddy. I bet you’re surprised to see me here with Ernie today. Yeah, I know I give those boycats around here a hard time. But today is kinda a special day. It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day. So in honor of it, I’m graciously sharing my sunpuddle with my favorite black cat, Ernie. Ernie…I’m sorry [read more]

Jan 122018
Relaxing While I Can

Hi everybuddy. I’m enjoying some time relaxing on our Comfy Clamshell. It’s really soft and comfy…just like the name says. But unfortunately, I can’t get too comfortable. You never know when one of those pesky boycats will come along and try to steal my spot here. They can be such a pain in the you-know-what! So [read more]

Dec 152017
The Most Popular Spot in the House

Hi everybuddy. Since the big tree went up inside the house, under it has become the most popular spot to be. Right now, I’ve laid claim to it…and I don’t plan on moving anytime soon. Those boycats better not get any ideas of trying to take it from me either. Has under the tree become [read more]

Messy Boy Cats

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Oct 062017
Messy Boy Cats

Hi everybuddy. Y’know…those boy cats really know how to make a mess. Just look at this room. There’s toys all over the place. They never clean up after themselves. And the lady with the yellow hair never makes them either. They get away with so much stuff around here if you ask me. Oh I [read more]

She Went Away…

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May 192017
She Went Away...

The lady with the yellow hair left really early this morning for that BlogPaws conference. Well, lemme tell you…I’m not happy about that…not one bit! If it wasn’t bad enough that she left me with those boycats, she’s having some strange person come in to take care of us while she’s gone. Hasn’t she learned yet [read more]

Aug 262016
She's Going Away...

Hey everybuddy. I am not a happy camper. The lady with the yellow hair is going away this weekend…a “girls” weekend, she said. Don’t tell her…’cause I don’t want her to get any ideas that I like her or something…but I hate it when she goes away. Oh, the big guy will be here to [read more]

Stinky Boycats

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Apr 292016
Stinky Boycats

*sniff sniff sniff* Phew! This scratcher smells like stinky boycats. How annoying. You really didn’t expect me to sit and scratch on this stinky boycat smelling scratcher, did you? *sigh* Now I have to find some place else to scratch. Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail