Easy E Sunday

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Jul 032011
Easy E Sunday

I’m getting some napping in before all the loud boomers start up again tonight. The humans have been making lots of noise all weekend celebrating the 4th of July. It was loud last night…and tonight it may be even louder!! Once all that noise starts…I won’t be able to sleep!! Hey!  What was that?? Jeez…they [read more]

Jul 032009
Formerly Feral - Hiding Out

I’ve been warned that tomorrow’s the 4th of July…the one day that the humans celebrate by making really loud boomers!!!  I don’t like the boomers so I’m gonna stay here safe in the confines of my hidey hole.  So, lady with the yellow hair, you’ll wanna serve me my meals over here…cuz I’m not coming out until all the [read more]