Jun 272018
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey guys. This was me the other day. I was sitting in the window giving the mom the stink eye because she wouldn’t let me outside. No matter how much I pleaded and begged and whined and pushed on that window…and lemme tell you, I made a lotta noise…she wouldn’t let me out. You get [read more]

Noisy Bird

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Sep 012017
Noisy Bird

So here I am…trying to take a nap. Notice I said “trying.” I know you can’t hear it but there’s a big ol’ blue jay right outside my window squawking and making all sorts of noise and keeping me awake. It’s SO annoying! Hey you! Bird! Keep it down out there! Some of us are [read more]

Apr 222012
Easy E Earth Day Sunday

Today’s Earth Day! Since I’m an indoor cat and don’t get to go out, I’m watching all the birdies and squirrels enjoying the Earth! Like Mr. Blue Jay! Hey, Mr. Blue Jay, are you enjoying the Earth today? Why yes I am. But I would enjoy it better if I had some peanuts to eat! [read more]