She Went Away…

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May 192017
She Went Away...

The lady with the yellow hair left really early this morning for that BlogPaws conference. Well, lemme tell you…I’m not happy about that…not one bit! If it wasn’t bad enough that she left me with those boycats, she’s having some strange person come in to take care of us while she’s gone. Hasn’t she learned yet [read more]

May 172017
What's That Wally Doing?

Oh no. When this thing comes out of the closet, it means only one thing. The mom is going someplace and leaving me! Yep, the mom is deserting us and heading off to the annual BlogPaws conference. This year it’s in Myrtle Beach, SC. She normally would be leaving today, but because of my recent [read more]

Jul 062016
What's That Wally Doing?  Having a Giveaway!

Hey everybuddy!  Remember all that swag the mom brought home from BlogPaws?  Look!  Ernie is still going through it. Well, we’ve put together a pawsome BlogPaws swag prize package and we’re giving it away to one of our readers.  That’s right!  If you didn’t get to go to BlogPaws this year, here’s your chance to [read more]

Jul 052016
BlogPaws Memories Featuring the "Peeps" and the "Paws"

Hey everybuddy.  Ernie here.  Well, another BlogPaws conference is in the books.  The mom had great time this year.  Sure, there was stuff to learn, some terrific speakers to hear, brand representatives to meet, and lots and lots of swag, but she said the best part about BlogPaws was being with her blogging “peeps”…like-minded, animal-loving [read more]

Jun 292016
The Bag O' Swag

Hey everybuddy…Wally here.  FINALLY!  We got to break into that bag o’ swag.  Check out all the cool stuff that was in it!  There’s toys and treats and lots of foodables.  Oh, and a few things to keep us healthy.  And even some stuff for the mom.  This is some serious swag!  And…wanna know what? [read more]

Jun 272016
I Don't Wanna Wait!

Hey everybuddy.  The mom finally got home from BlogPaws late yesterday.  She said she had the best time hanging with all the cat peeps…oh, and some dog peeps, too. Look at this BIG bag of swag the mom brought home!  It’s stuffed!  And she said this wasn’t even all of it.  There’s more!  But she [read more]

Jun 222016
What's That Ernie Doing?

I bet you’re surprised to see me.  I’m taking over for Wally today…so you get to see what I’m doing! The big traveling box came out of the closet the other day which means only one thing.  The mom is deserting us again and heading off to the BlogPaws conference.  This year it’s in Phoenix, [read more]

Jun 082015
It's All About The Swag

Hey everybuddy.  For us cats, BlogPaws is all about the swag that the humans bring home.  I know you’re all waiting to see what’s in the bag, right? And here it is!  It’s not as much as last year.  And you wanna know why?  The mom gave away half of our swag before she came [read more]

Jun 052015
I Don't Feel Guilty

Hey everybuddy!  Did you miss me?  I know you did. Look what showed up today.  The Bissell SpotBot that the lady with the yellow hair won at BlogPaws. The nice BlogPaws peoples shipped it to our house so the lady with the yellow hair didn’t have to try squeezing it in her big traveling box.  [read more]

Jun 032015
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey everybuddy.  Y’know…the mom says BlogPaws is not just about the “blog”…it’s about the “paws,” too. Lots of people bring their pets along with them.  Today I’m sharing pictures of some of them that the mom saw when she was there.  You may even recognize a few! I have to warn you, though.  Some of [read more]