Apr 302018
The Sights at BlogPaws 2018

Hi everyone. Island Cat Mom here…once again taking over the blog from the cats. Well, another BlogPaws conference has come and gone. This year’s conference was held in Kansas City, MO, and was the 10th one…quite an achievement for conferences like these. It was the 6th one that I’ve attended.  Why do I like going to [read more]

Apr 272018
Win Some BlogPaws Swag!

Hey everybuddy. It’s me…Zoey. Y’know…things are finally getting back to normal around here since the lady with the yellow hair got home from BlogPaws. Her leaving for those few days was kinda traumatic for me. I spent most of my time hiding from the stranger that came in and fed me and cleaned my litter [read more]

Apr 252018
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey guys. It’s no secret. We know the mom cheated on us while she was at the BlogPaws conference. She’s weak. She can’t resist a furry face. And there were a bunch of them at BlogPaws this year. So we gave her a pass…at least this time. She saw lots of cats and dogs there…even [read more]

Apr 232018
What's In the Bag?

Hey guys. Wally here. The mom wasn’t home from the BlogPaws conference more than a hour before I found the Bag o’ Swag and began to check everything out. Oh My Cod! This bag is stuffed full! And y’know what? I smell lots of catnip! C’mon, Ernie! Let’s show everybuddy what’s in the bag. Whaddaya [read more]

Apr 182018
What's That Ernie Doing?

If I sit on it, she can’t pack it. And if she can’t pack it, she can’t go anywhere. Right?? Well, guys…today the mom is heading off to the annual BlogPaws conference again…this time in Kansas City, MO. It’s the 10th anniversary of the BlogPaws conference…though the mom has only attended 6 of them. We’re [read more]

Jun 022017
BlogPaws Swag Giveaway!

Hi everybuddy! Today’s the big day! We’re having a BlogPaws swag giveaway! There’s way too much stuff here for us, so we wanna share the wealth with one of our readers. We put together a pawsome BlogPaws swag prize package that one of you will win. That’s right! If you didn’t get to go to [read more]

May 312017
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey guys. Well, another BlogPaws conference has come and gone. This was the fifth one that the mom has attended, and she says that even though she wasn’t there for the entire conference, she still had a great time. That’s because she was able to spend time and catch up with her blogging friends…and make [read more]

May 282017
Easy E's Guest Selfie Sunday

Hi guys! Today I’ve got a guest taking a selfie with me. Do you recognize him? It’s Flat Basil…from one of our favorite blogs, Basil the Bionic Cat. When the mom was at BlogPaws, she finally got to meet the human that is owned by Basil and the rest of the gang…the lovely Miss Cathrine [read more]

May 242017
What's That Wally Doing?

Hi guys. The mom says one of the best things about the BlogPaws conference is the Cat Lounge. Put together by incomparable Kate Benjamin from Hauspanther, the Cat Lounge displays all of the latest trends in cat-related products…furniture, beds, scratchers, toys, fountains…you name it. And the coolest part about the Cat Lounge is that at the [read more]