Dec 292009
Our 2nd Blogoversary!!

It’s our 2nd Blogoversary!!  Little did we know when our dad got this blog for our mom two Christmases ago, we’d still be blogging today!  Of course, it helped when we hijacked the blog from mom and made it our own!!  We have so much fun sharing our pictures and stories, and we’ve made so many great furiends!! [read more]

Dec 292008
It's Our Blogoversary!

It’s our 1st Blogoversary! Mom always wanted a website for us…and for Christmas last year, dad gave this blog to mom… In the beginning, mom thought this was gonna be her blog…and she began posting stories about us Island Cats and cats in general and stuff.  But then she let us do a couple of posts and we discovered we [read more]