Jul 052017
What's That Wally Doing?

As you can see, I’m working real hard on my next blog post. Oh, I know what you’re all thinking. I’m not working…I’m sleeping. But you’re wrong…I work much better laying down…with my eyes closed, too. It helps get those creative juices flowing. Seriously…next time you’re in a writing funk…try this. If it doesn’t help…at [read more]

Sep 042012
We're Addicting!

We received The Addictive Blog Award from some new kitties we met the other day…Hemingway and Shakespeare!  Thanks, guys!  If you haven’t met these two yet, why dontcha go on over and say hello?? The rules for this award are pretty simple: Thank the one awarding you Share a little about why you blog and [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Feb 262012
Easy E Sunday

Here I am waiting patiently for my mom to help me blog today. I’m waiting and waiting and waiting…  Hey, c’mon!  I”ve got some blogging to do! Let’s get to it!! I get so annoyed waiting for her to help me. You’d think with all these toes of mine, I’d be able to do it myself. Well…one [read more]

Feb 232011
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey, look!  Mom left her laptop here! I think I’ll do my “What’s That Wally Doing?” post all by myself!! I don’t need her help!! There’s all these funny buttons… I’ve seen mom press them and stuff shows up on the screen. Hmmmm…nothing’s happening… Geez…it looks so easy when mom does it!! Guess I’m gonna need her [read more]