Jan 062014
Mancats - Ears to Awards!

Hey everybuddy!  Wally here!  Ears to you!   😉 And ears to our buddy, Texas, over at Texas, a Cat in…Austin, for giving us some awards the other day.  Now we haven’t been the best at posting the awards that we’ve received.  We blame the mom…she’s really bad at keeping track of those things.  We told [read more]

Nov 262012
We Gots an Award!

Hey kitties!  Wally here.  The other day our good furiend, King Spitty, bestowed this cool award on us Island Cats…The Blog of the Year Award!  Thanks, Spitty!  We lubs you, too! Now we admit, we haven’t been too good lately about posting awards and passing them on.  It’s not OUR fault, though…it’s the lousy assistant [read more]