Jul 082010
Thursday in Our Garden

It’s Garden Day again!!   Hey, Ernie!! Didja see we got a new bird bath?!?  Yeah, Wally! And all the birdies are loving it!!!   Hey, was that robin just doing the backstroke??!?  Our mom had a great time volunteering for P.A.W.S. of Michigan at the Street Fair yesterday.  She said it was hotter than “H-E-double hockey [read more]

Jul 022010
Formerly Feral - Watching

I’m doing a little neighborhood watching again.  Hmmmm…not much going on today.  I wish some birdies would fly by or something… Oh yeah, the lady with the yellow hair reminded me that I was born around this time of year…which makes me 3 years old now!!  But I don’t remember much about my early days…I think my life [read more]

How Tweet It Is!

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Sep 152009
How Tweet It Is!

This week, our furiend Fin is sponsoring Tweet Week…a whole week dedicated to our feathered prey…er, friends. So we thought since we love the feathered creatures so much, we’d participate!  We got mom to fill the feeders and those birdies sure put on a show!  Just watch and listen!!  Didja hear that crazy bluejay squawking up a [read more]

Aug 282009
Formerly Feral - Window View

I love sitting in the window watching the world go by…  I see people walking their woofies and people walking their blurpies in strollers and sometimes people just walking…like Walking Guys. Hey!!  What was that??!?  Oh, a birdie!!!  I see lots of them too!! Just once I’d like to get out there and catch me one of [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Jul 052009
Easy E Sunday

Look what we saw this morning… It looked like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie!! Happens every time the bird feeder gets filled… And the noise they were making… How’s a cat suppose to get any sleep with all that racket???

May 152009
Formerly Feral - Straw Hat Day!

Today is National Straw Hat Day… the unofficial start of summer!! So how do you like my straw hat??  Normally, I don’t like stuff touching my head but I’ll make an exception this time…mainly ‘cuz it’s sorta pretend!  And this hat IS purrty flashy, dontcha think??  If you look real close, you can see it even gots a birdie [read more]