Aug 182022
Thankful for Sunpuddles...and Goodbye Doves!

You guys! It’s Thankful Thursday…and what am I thankful for today? Having this big ol’ sunpuddle that I can stretch out in. Ah…feels so good on my ol’ bones. Y’know what else I’m thankful for? That those mourning doves that built a nest in our garage are finally gone! Yep…they flew the coop. And honestly, [read more]

Aug 112022
Storytime is for the Birds

You guys! Storytime!  Sometime in July, a pair of mourning doves decided to build a nest on top of our garage door opener…in our garage…right over the dad-guy’s old Corvette. As a side note…this is one reason not to leave your garage door open for an extended period of time…but I digress. Anyways, they built [read more]

May 042016
What's That Wally Doing?

I hear the birds singing out there… and it makes me want to sing along. Anybuddy care to join me in song? Don’t forget to entered our giveaway to win a Triple T Studios ™ Kitten Tote. This giveaway is for everybuddy…worldwide! Click HERE for details and to enter.

Easy E Sunday

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Jan 062013
Easy E Sunday

Bird TV has been quite entertaining lately.  Probably because the dad-guy feeds the birdie-actors peanuts and sometimes pecans and almonds along with the regular birdie food.  Those birdies sure eat good at our house. Just look at those three fat and sassy blue jays sitting the tree!  I bet they’re waiting for more of the good food!  [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Jul 292012
Easy E Sunday

Now who the heck is this guy? He always shows up whenever I’m sitting in the sun. Hey you!  Who said you could share my sunpuddle with me?? Well, if you’re gonna sit here, you better be quiet! I don’t want you scaring off all the birdies out there!!

May 152012
National Straw Hat Day!

Happy National Straw Hat Day! This is an old picture of me wearing my straw hat but I didn’t think you’d mind seeing it again.  I like this hat because it’s not real…and, if you look real close, it’s got a birdie on it.  What I don’t like is that the birdie’s not real so I can’t [read more]