Aug 292011
Mancats - It's Better Live!

Hey, Wally!  Get up!! You’re missing a great episode of Bird TV!  ::mumble:: Don’t bother me, Ernie…I’m sleeping…zzzzzzzz… But, Wally!  They’re really putting on a great show!! Whoa!!  One just flew by so close, I could smell it!! I told you, Ernie…I’m sleeping here… Leave me alone!! Zzzzzzzz….. But, Wally…  Jeez, Ernie…I’ll catch it when it [read more]

Apr 262011
Two Thinking on Tuesday

Hi everybuddy…Ernie here!  Me and Zoey are watching a little Bird TV and thinking ’bout our furiend and one of the Cat Blogosphere’s favorite divas, Sweet Praline, who went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  We know she was sick, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to a special furiend like her.  We’re sure gonna [read more]