Jul 142017
Zoey's 8 Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best

Hey girls…oh, and you boycats, too…you can benefit from this as well. Y’know…it’s not easy staying beautiful, am I right? So I thought I’d share 8 of my sure-fire beauty tips with you today guaranteed to keep you looking your best. 1. Make sure you keep your furs clean. A good tongue washing every day [read more]

Jul 172009
Formerly Feral - Beauty Tips

Today I’m participating in Norwood’s Eyewatch Friday! Also, my furiend, Tasha, gave me my very own award… one that I don’t hafta share with Ernie or that orange stripey cat!!    This is the “Seu blog é um sonho” Award which means “Your Blog is a Dream” in Portuguese. (Thank goodness Tasha told me what it [read more]