May 072012
Mancats - Scratcher Battle

Hey, Wally! Why don’t you move and let me get on the scratcher?  No, Ernie…this scratcher is mine. Aw, c’mon, Wally!  Move!!  No way, Ernie!  Leave me alone!! I’m gonna poke you ’til you move!! Hmmmm… He’s not moving even with my persistent poking. Ernie, I may give in to you on a lot of [read more]

May 162011
Mancats - The Battle Ends?

See, Wally!  I told you there’s enough room for both of us up here!! Yeah, Ernie…if you like being squished like a sardine!! Move over!! (I guess if I can’t beat him…I mise well join him.) And thus ends the Battle for the Top of the Ladder. (And if you believe that…) Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Nov 262008
What's That Wally Doing?

Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally Doing?  Hey, Ernie…I got news for you!!! You better hope YOU win the ham-mick Forty Paws is raffling off… ‘Cuz this one is MINE!!!! (and the battle rages on…) Come back next week to see “What’s That Wally Doing?” Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail