Mar 082010
A New Action Hero!

After watching the Academy Awards last night, I wanna be in action movies!! I wanna be an action hero like Indiana Jones, Superman and Batman! Call me The Whappinator!! Here’s my first live action film (it won’t be the last) as The Whappinator!      Oh yeah…what action!  Kept you on the edge of your seat, didn’t it?? And yep…that [read more]

Jun 262009
Formerly Feral - Whapping Strength

Remember my string toy??  It’s one of my favorites. This is the movie that won me my Acatemy Award from Fin. I thought you’d all enjoy seeing it again…  Oh yeah!  I love whapping that string toy!! But after all that whapping, my poor string toy ends up like this…   Guess I don’t know my own [read more]

Feb 202009
Formerly Feral - The Acatemy Awards!

In honor of the Academy Awards this Sunday, our furiend Fin is having her own version called The Acatemy Awards celebrating the achievements of cats in film.  Here’s our entry for the Acatemy Awards! “Whap That String Toy” is an action-packed blockbuster starring our own former feral, Zoey!  Watch how Zoey jumps and rolls and [read more]