Feb 262016
I'm a Happy Girl Again

Hi everybuddy.  Thanks for all the Gotcha Day wishes last week.  And for all the great ideas of ways the lady with the yellow hair should make it up to me ’cause she forgot it. I’m a happy girl again.  I got lots of extra treats…and some tuna!  Those boycats didn’t get any!  And the [read more]

Oct 112013
Formerly Feral - An Award for Me

Hey everybuddy!  I got another award!  Oh yeah…I got the award and not those stoopid boycats that live here.  It’s from Willow over at the Cherry City Kitties.  Did you know that Willow and her brothers and sisters are Mitten Kittens like us Island Cats?  That’s right. We all live in Michigan which is also [read more]

Nov 092012
Formerly Feral - 7 Things

Hey, everybuddy!  I’m so excited!  The other day, one of my bestest girlfuriend’s, Katie Isabella, gave ME an award!  Just ME…and not those silly boycats that live here!  Thank you, Katie!!  For this award, I’m supposed to tell 7 things about me.  Well, I think most of you already know lots about me, but I’ll try to [read more]