Aug 252010

So lookit me…I’m told I’m breaking another one of them stupid “rules.”  I’m supposed to be laying on that green pad over there so I don’t get my furs all over the couch.  But you know me!!  I ignore the rules!!

And so does my partner in crime here!!
Right, partner???

Well…he’s more of a silent partner in crime…

  47 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Your furs match the couch better anyway.

  2. ohmigod, these pictures are awesome!Cool idea!Your cushion looks adorable and very comfortable for sure…and as you said…he is silent! LOL
    purrs and love

  3. Silent partners are the best, Wally ;-/ though your friend almost fooled us! You know, we don’t unnerstands these furniture “rules” either. Our mom completely covers the couch with a blanky to keep our furs off…that’s ok cause we likes to burrow unnerneath!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  4. I know where I would prefer to be lying – cuddling up to your friend too!

  5. The couch doesn’t look right without some beautiful cat furs decorating it.

  6. It’s too small for you anyway, that pad. You lay where you want to, it’s your house, right?

  7. Oh, please, if they don’t want fur all over the couch, they need to put down a catnip *blanket* to cover it all! That little green pad? Pppfffttt.

  8. LOL, Wally we love your silent partner. You look a little miffed at having to snuggle with the silent one. And what else is the sofa for other than cats sleeping on it. The hoooomans can sit somewhere else.
    Have a great day.

  9. he he- now dat’s something I do too. Plop down whereever there is no fur protector!

  10. What a guy you are Wally…you march to your own drum you rebel you!!
    Of course you aren’t going to sit where they want you too. Cats are the ultimate rule breakers,
    Madi and Mom

  11. We like your silent partner’s face! Two ginger boys.

  12. For a quick sec, we were like, “Who’s that other kittie?” He’s like your doppleganger. It’s always fun to have a partner in crime!

  13. obviously that’s a much better place to sit rules or no rules.

  14. Silent partners are the best..they don’t tell tales like when we taste test the food on the table while mom is in the kitchen. Or lick the butter on the toast while…mom is in the kitchen.

  15. Wally – our mom gave up and bought covers for the couch and chair. Of course, that just means we have to crawl under to sleep. 🙂

  16. Your partner in crime is as cute as you are!

  17. LOL Wally, your silent partner looks just like you!!!

  18. That’s a cute silent partner! We don’t have rules about not lying on furniture–we sleep where we want to!

  19. That is bad Wally! Way to go!

  20. We did a double take there thinking you had a new ginger housemate! Our mum had a towel for me to sit on when I was a kitten. It lasted about 2 days.

  21. Um, Wally, your partner in crime has a very large head.

  22. It’s way more comfortable to sit elsewhere I think.

  23. Way to go Wally.
    We see nothing wrong, we can’t imagine…don’t furrs belong on “fur”niture?



  24. These beans of ours know nothing about us in the long run! A neked couch is much cozier. Your partner in crime is a real looker!

  25. Wally you have every right to lay where you want!

  26. AAIIEEEE! For a second I thought your silent partner was REAL!

  27. If the fake kitty doesn’t have to lay on the green pad, neither do you, Wally!

  28. We think you just didn’t want your silent partner to be lonely.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  29. OMG…when I saw the thumbnail on Facebook I thought, “That second cat looks a little weird…”

  30. It isn’t your fault someone placed the pad on the wrong end of the couch!

  31. Well, if they don’t want you to lie on the couch, then they shouldn’t put a snuggly orange kitty pillow on the other side of it. I really thing your parents are to blame for this one, Wally.

  32. We would want to lean against that beautiful kitty pillow too. And, as we’re sure you know, it makes a great photo!

  33. Wally, if the other kitty can sit on the couch, of course, you can too!!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  34. Wally, isn’t it funny that beans expect us to lay where they want us too? They are so silly. We think the spot you picked is way better since your partner is there.

  35. Good for you, Wally. We do the same. Mama has a sheet on the couch and any time any part of the sheet comes away from the couch, we (mainly Simba) sit on that one part. Your partner in crime knows to break the rules too.

  36. Your silent partner looks comfy! Rules were made to be broken!

  37. Ha! Green Pad my Paw!!

  38. Wally, that couch isn’t properly decorated without your furs all over it! I think you look FAByooluss!

  39. Oh Wally, you’re so naughty!

    P.S. This weekend the Human will try to post another picture of your little (but growing bigger every day) namesake orange boy Wally! She will talk to him about learning to be a little more naughty. He and his sister DID manage to pull their dad’s phone cord right outta the wall the other day. Maybe he doesn’t need encouragement.

  40. MOL!!! Wally, don’t your humans know that we don’t see colors – & ignore the rules anyway???

    You look very comfy!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  41. Our humans are lucky if they even get to sit on the furniture. It’s ours!

  42. Love your work – breaking the rules is the best!

    Oscar The Cat, NZ

  43. Oh, you are a naughty one. Very proud of you, my friend.

  44. Yoo are an excellent rool breaker! We are SO proud of yoo!

  45. It’s no surprise you prefer to hang out with the other ginger kitty. You two make a purrfect crime duo!

  46. We think that side of the couch is better, too. It also is more color coordinated with your fur.

  47. Oh, my goodness… I love your photos!
    Thank you for sharing!

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