Aug 232010

Our furiend, Fin, has declared this week as Scafflaw Week…a week for us cats to break all the rules and be down right naughty!!

But everybuddy knows that us cats NEVER follow the rules…

Like the rule that we’re not suppose to eat the plants…
We nom away!!

 And the one that we shouldn’t mess up the cushions on the couch…
We mess them up and then take a nap on the mess!!


Or the rule that we can’t be up on top of the china cabinet…
That one was meant to be broken!!

And not laying on the kitchen counters?
Well, you can forget that rule all together!!!

 So go ahead, humans, and make your rules…
we’ll just continue to ignore them…

 Because we’re cats…and that’s how we roll!!

  50 Responses to “Mancats – Rules? What Rules?”

  1. Yippee!!! No-Rules-Week!! We like sounds of that! Although we too don`t pay much mind to rules either. *Giggles behind paws*

  2. ♫ Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law! ♫

  3. 🙂 you guys know how to do your own rules!I love this creative set of pictures and so cool idea for this post, great job friends!
    And Happy Monday

  4. MOL! That is all so so true. Silly rules are meant to be ignored.

  5. You two are outlaws! We love Daisy’s Judas Priest song!

  6. Haha! I agree ~ kitties never seem to follow the rules. Banjo was in my pantry yesterday helping me bake cookies ~ naughty kitty! But how can us humans get mad when you all look so darn cute while breaking the laws? 🙂

    Have a good week!
    xo Catherine

  7. You boys are doing a fantastic job at breaking the rules. That is what cats are meant to do. We especially like the one of you messing up the pillows and sleeping on the mess. That is purrfect.
    Have a great weel/

  8. Bad boys
    Bad boys

    Whatcha gonna do when they come for you

    Bad boys


  9. Did you really move those cushions? On your own?! That is some super rule breaking!

  10. Well done, guys! Silly humans, think they can impose rules on Cats. Ha.

  11. LOL, so true!!! I love the pic of you two on the counter (lounging) at the same time!

    My naughty boys do a lot of the same things…I’m now in search of pics 🙂

  12. rules schmules.

  13. HA! Rules are for humans!

  14. We love yoo bad boys! Tee hee! We’ll hafta try owt that messing the cushions up one! it’s sure to annoy mom.

  15. You guys are rebels! I love it!!!

  16. Wow, we ought to take some lessons from you guys. We especially like the couch cushion rules–we’re going to try that one!

  17. You pulled up that cushion yourself, Ernie? You must be some strong mancat!

  18. WTG Rule breakers!! You are just so cute being naughty!

  19. I love to lie on the counters… and the tables..

  20. WOO~HOO…this is going to be a GREAT week. Cricket has been getting yelled at all weekend! LOVE your pictures!

  21. Sounds exactly like our house, only the humans didn’t bother making those rules here.

  22. Yeah – that counter rule was just meant to be broken. In fact, Mozart makes it his mission to show the foster kittens how to break it!

  23. Mom and I laughed. We know, both of us, that rules were made to be broken by us cats. You look superb and regal up on the china cabinet (I like ours, too) and the counters are so cool and there are noms on them a buncha times. AND though I will deny it, mommy tells about me nomming away on her artificial plants.

  24. We need to show those photos to our humans! We especially love the kitchen counter photo.

  25. That was so funny! But I still haven’t figured out what rules are!

  26. Naughty naughty!
    But oooooh so good naughty!

    We must try this ourselves.



  27. What you do to the cushions on the couch is amazing. Most inspiring. Meanwhile, we hear complaints about a few furs here and there mixed with liberal sprinklings of kitty litter.

    BTW, the woman got rid of our plants after Cinza had to spend 48 hours at the emergency vet last September. Turned out the lily someone gave our human as a thank you present was very poisonous and Cinza, of course, has never met a plant she doesn’t want to nibble on.

  28. We are especially impressed by the couch destruction!

  29. Give me a break! Only a human who’s never lived with a cat would try and make rules for us. We cats do what we want to do!!

    I congratulate you guys for doing as you please.


  30. Rules – what rules. You means those things the peeps say you aren’t supposed to do, but we do dem anyway. I love the one of you on the counter!!

  31. Boy, it sure looks like you sure do like to break the rules. I think the only one I break most lately is trying to get in Mom’s computer chair. She thinks my back claws is going to rip her chair. Oh yes, I like to nom on Mom’s flowers when she puts them on the dining table, whoo that’s a big no no. Like you say, rules are meant to be broken. Looks like Zoey is having more fun with the ball and tube than Cleo. Your’s is a lot bigger than ours.


  32. You are excellent rule breakers. We like the counter top the best.

  33. Darn. It’s too hot here now to even think about breaking a rool! I can barely move.

  34. Ooooh, rule breaking! That’s something we can really relate to! We’ve gotta get in on this. We’ll start with your most excellent examples!

  35. Wow, that couch cushion mess up is very impressive! Great work boys!

  36. Excellent post for Scafflaw Week!

  37. We LOVE the china cabinet pictures! You boys are total Rebels!

    Pee ess: Is Zoey ever a Scafflaw? MOL!

  38. You two boys sure know how to have a good time! Does Zoey ever join in on your escapades?

  39. MOL!!…We love mancats who live dangerously :)!!…We agree, handsome boys=cats live by no rules :)…We are always on the kitchen counters and table too!!hehe…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  40. Absolutely right! Rules!! Ha!!!

  41. We sure do roll that way! The only way to keep us out or off is to close the door to that room tight.

  42. Pfft… rules… we wouldn’t follow them if they were covered in nip and tunas! (well maybe Inigo would)

  43. You are such rebels! I love it.

  44. Hilarious!!!! We love your house rules. In my house I say the rules are to be challenged for fairness. Mom says kitties go where they please, when they please and that is as you say how they roll!!! Good job on moving the couch cushions.., kitchen counters are made for lounging and china cabinets are just calling out to us to jump.

  45. These are great photo evidence of how you have no respect for rules. Carry one!

  46. Great job guys!!!

    No rules at my house either……

  47. LOL! Well done, boys! Not only do you break all the rules, you truly look to be enjoying it at the same time!

  48. You certainly scoff at all the rules, don’t you boys? Well, I actually think that is a kitty’s right. I’m sure you actually know you’re not supposed to do certain things, but that’s of fun of doing them, isn’t it?

    By the way, Ernie’s on the LOLSpot today.

  49. hahaha we love to see others just like us! funnily enough you are breaking similar rules. We will have to post about what others we break in this household – its a great game and we ALWAYS win! Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  50. How did you guys get so high up on the china cabinet?? I LIKE that broken rule–and the on the countertops too! You just OWN your house–so those are rules that do not apply!


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