Easy E Sunday

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Aug 222010

C’mere, Mr. Squirrel!!

You need a good bunny-kicking!!!

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  1. We know he feels better now!! Happy Sunday!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. I bet he feels better after that pawsome kicking you gave him. Have a very easy Sunday!

  3. That’s about the best sun puddle I’ve seen in a long time. I’m on my way over.

  4. Way to go Ernie!!! You showed Mr. Squirrel who was boss!!
    Great picture of you my handsome mancat friend.

  5. Mr Squirrel got a good thrashing Ernie – we bet he won’t try and pinch your snoozing spot again.

  6. And you are a great bunny kicking pro!

  7. Fast, swift action, Ernie. Mr Squirrel didn’t know what hit him.

  8. You guys have way too much fun!

  9. There’s nothing like a sleep panther-cat in a sun puddle 🙂

  10. What PURRecious pix of Ernie and his squirrely! What strikes me when I look at these is that, at our place, the squirrels are black and the PURRedator is orange — just the opposite to yours.

  11. Get that squirrel Ernie. Give it a good bunny kick for us. Have a great day taking care of that squirrel and give Wally and Mom our best too.

  12. Oh you know that squirell was just waiting for it…it would have been sad without a good bunnykick!

  13. Glad u got that out of your system…

  14. Way to go, Ernie! Go nuts on that squirrel!

  15. Lying in the sunbeams, bunny-kicking Mr. Squirrel sure sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday; of course, that’s a great spot for a nap too!…Have a fun Sunday friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. Adorable pictures, hmmm I also love the sun, and you look very happy there in so comfortable moment of your day!
    lucky you!

  17. All squirrels need bunnykicking!

  18. Get him! Squirrels are evil and must be destroyed! kick kick kick!

  19. Mr. Squirrel doesn’t stand a chance with you Ernie!

  20. It’s so much fun to do the bunny kick!!

  21. And you are just the cat to give it to him!

  22. That’s a good bunny kick 🙂
    Thank you so much for visiting my site!

  23. Kick him good, Ernie!

  24. What a great play!!!!! HAve a nice week!!! Kisses!

  25. Ah, that’s the life and isn’t it fun. I loves givin’ da the bunneh kicks.

  26. Rawwwrrrgggg!
    You got him!

  27. Bunny kicking a squirrel in a sunpuddle – that sounds like the most purrfect way to spend a Sunday ever Ernie!

  28. You have found a nice sunny spot to give Mr. Squirrel a good bunny kicking. (Maybe it should be a squirrel kicking)

  29. kill it kill it kill it killit killit killitkillitkillitkillitkillitkillit!!!!!

  30. That squirrel sure looks likes funs!

  31. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Squirrel was just ASKING for it, wasn’t he, all calm and comfy in YOUR sun!

  32. Them squirrels need to be taught a lesson. They’re always bugging our buddies!!

  33. Shouldn’t that be a good Squirrel-kicking? MOL!

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