Aug 182010

Hey, it’s time to “Do the Q!”  Yep, that’s right…Monty Q Kat is sponsoring the “Doing the Q” contest again!!  Which includes my favorite category…The Full Monty!!  You all know how much I LOVE doing a Full Monty!!  And this year I figure if I wanna win the Full Monty competition, I better practice up so I’m in tip top shape!!

 Let’s see…how ’bout a Full Monty with a left twist??

Or maybe a right twist??

Or a full out Monty…head back…
showing the world everything I gots!!

 No, wait!!  I got it!!!
A Full Monty with lasers on high!
That’s the winning combination!!

I’ll scare you all into voting for me!!

C’mon!!  You can “Do the Q” too!!
Click HERE to find out more about the contest and how to enter!!


  33 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. You are gonna get our vote. Hey, there’s four of us – we gonna give you four votes. Momma says that it is furry goods to PURRactice for big events. Smart kitty!

  2. oh boy, your pictures are so sweet!
    You are really good in do that twister thing!
    purrs and love
    and good luck!

  3. We have been practicing our poses but we think you will beat us paws down.

  4. Wow, Wally, you are sure good at that full Monty and for sure the best one is the one with the laser lights. We will go check out the contest. Those are great pictures. Sure did bring a smile to our Mom’s face.
    Have a really good day.

  5. Wally what a wonderful Wednesday with lots and lots of Wally to admire…..
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. Wally you should win for sure….love the last one with the lasers!

  7. You certainly are an exPURRt at doing the Q, Wally! I like the one with the head back the most — that is seriously funny.

  8. Practice makes PURRfect and you are doing one heckuva job!!!

  9. We like the full out head back one the best. That has to be a winner.

  10. I have to go with picture #3 because I see that around my house all the time! You look great Wally.

    Thanks for the link, I’m going to head over and see if my kitties can join the fun 🙂

  11. Wally! you are very very good, I don’t know if I should bother entering!!!
    You could win all categories!


  12. Oh, Wally, great poses! You are such a nut! We all need a good laugh today. We love the full out Monty…head back!

  13. The “wiv lasers” is AWESOME.

  14. We like the head-back version the best!

  15. Wally, you should win for sure! We love the one with the lasers!

  16. We’ve been telling Andy that he is a sure winner for the full monty, but he says he doesn’t want to enter…..we’ll see if we can change his mind.

    You’re doing a great job, Wally!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  17. You’re doing so well you might just scare off the competition!

  18. That full out Monty with head back is pretty awesome in my books, Wally.

  19. Wow Wally – those are all great – we think any of them could win!

  20. OMC, Wally, you are a pro!

  21. NO kitty can do the Full Monty like you, Wally. Especially with full lasers going!!!

  22. That was good, darn good!

  23. You are the bestest at doing the Full Monty Wally! We’ll vote for you!

  24. Oh, Wally, you always make us laugh. we like the full-out monty the best but enjoyed your varations as well. Nobody in this house does the monty.

  25. THose are very good pictures. We like the last one best!

  26. Those are excellent! We entered one year, and now we’re inspired to do it again. 🙂

  27. Wally you sure are super handsome doing the Full Monty!



  28. ::woof whistles::

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  29. You’re sure to win, Wally! Meowza:)

  30. We’re definitely voting for you, Wally! You’ve got all the moves!

  31. Oh, dear. I could **never** do a full Monty! ::Blush::

    Wally, you’re kinda fading into the carpet there! What you need is a nice swatch of black velvet….

  32. Wow, we like your photos. You have good style and form.

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