Aug 162010

Whatcha doing, Wally??

I’m on the lookout for that new introoder cat, Ernie!!

What?!?  Another introoder cat??
Didn’t we just scared off that last one that was coming around?!?

Yeah, we did, Ernie.  But now there’s a new one.
I saw him sniffing around our big spruce tree.
I bet he was looking for the bunny that’s living under there.

Hey, that’s our bunny furiend, Wally…
even if it’s been eating the plants and flowers which makes mom mad!
That introoder should go find his own bunny and leave ours alone!!

You’re right, Ernie…that’s why I’m on patrol here!
We don’t need no introoder cat hanging around our yard!!

My work here as watch cat is never done…

  49 Responses to “Mancats – Introoder Alert Again!”

  1. Oh no! Don’t introoder cats just hiss you off!

  2. Contstant vigilence is called for whenever an introoder appears!!

  3. I don’t think you boys will ever get any rest with bunnies and introoder cats etc. But you do have a lovely window bench for your lookout, and I guess when you do get dozy, you can just lie down and catch a catnap. Very nice!

  4. You are both very good at protecting what’s yours! Introoder cats are not to be tolerated!

  5. Hello boys,
    maybe he is a new neighbor and only wants to say “HELLO”or Bonjour! 😉
    Anyway keep doing some patrol in these windows!
    purrs and love

  6. Your two have the best window seat for sitting on and cushions too – you are spoilt boys. Can we come and look out your window it looks much more comfy than ours.

  7. Ernie and Wally there you are sitting on my window seat A G A I N!!!
    I recently had a kitty introder on my deck…the gall of that introder he was under MY grill trying to hide but I could see him…..and my tail gave him a good talking too.

  8. Don’t you know it Wally, a watchcat’s work IS never done. Sigh.

  9. darn intruders.

  10. What a rude introoder, sniffing about your bunny!

  11. How rude of the introoder, trying to steal your bunny friend! we hope you scare him off good and proper!

  12. You are both such good patrol cats…I hope the bunny knows he’s being looked after 🙂

  13. We know just how you feel. It is very hard work keeping lookout for introoders.

  14. We hope that mean ole introoder cat leaves your bunny furriend alone!

  15. Yup, introoder patrol is a full time job…..when we’re not napping!!!!!!!!!!


  16. You boys have to work hard to keep those introoders out of the yard. You deserve a nap now 🙂

  17. It’s very valiant of you to look out for your bunny!

  18. That’s so good of you to watch out for your bunny, even if it cuts into your nap time!

  19. Introoder cats are so wrong. Why do they have to hang out in your yard? Really. Just more work.

  20. Hey, you both got that right…work, work, work…oh yea, treats, treats, treats!

  21. Wow, you have a lot of work keeping introoder cats away – it sounds like there are a lot of them by your house! Good luck!!

  22. You guys are right, that cat should find his own bunny!

  23. …Job security! And we love your cute Beastie Band collars, too!

  24. I love your collars too. I never go out but I still want one for jewelry so I can be like mommy. She said someone on her Twitter sells collars that really rock and she’s about to buy one for me.

  25. Good job, guys! You two are ever vigilant!

  26. Wally, your tail is a little puffed out in the last picture…did the introoder show up again!?! Sheesh. You and Ernie are gonna have to nap in shifts if this keeps up!

  27. You two are very busy looking for introoooders. Do you have time for naps??? But you are great watch cats. We certainly don’t want that darn introooder bothering your rabbit. Rabbits are cute. Wally you look so cute watching out that window.
    Have a great week.

  28. Well, much as I complain about the dog here, I have to admit that we don’t get too many intruders here because she’s always around.

  29. That is very important mancat work to do. Good luck on scaring the intruder away.

  30. Good job, guys, we’re glad you are looking out for the cute little bunny!…Happy week, sweet friends…kisses, handsome boys…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. Oh, it’s so good you are on the lookout for introoders!! You have a very important job. I routinely patrol my house looking for introoders outside too. We had a big cat like looking thingy out there recently that wore a mask on his face. I didn’t like him at all and yowled as loud as I could.

  32. You two are doing a great job on Introoder Alert! And we agree – introoder cat shouldn’t mess with YOUR bunny.

  33. We have introoder cats here that we’d love to have handsome Mancats like you come watch out for – when your done protecting your bunny of course!

  34. Let us know if you need reinforcements over there!

  35. You two are wonderful watchcats! You are doing an excellant job! Great pictures!!!

  36. Wally we need your help over here.
    We have a new orange tabby cat introodin in our yard.
    And you know what?
    My Dad is feeding him!



  37. You two are pawsome mancat watch-cats! Keep your little bun-bun safe from that introoder!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  38. Well done Wally, you keep those truders out of your domain! I is sure Ernie has your back!

  39. I admire your dedication, Wally. You remind me so much of Dante and his constant watch for introoders.

    The only problem is that being so alert kind of cuts into nap time. Perhaps you and Ernie should trade off now and then.

  40. You guys sure are great watch-cats! Way to protect your bunny from the introoder!

  41. When ya see the introoder cat, give him hard laser eyes. THAT will scare him away…

  42. Oh, you got an intruder cat too?? We have a grey one hanging around here. Cleo likes to hiss and growl at it. She is being the watch-cat around here. I could care less if he/she is around or not. Not bothering me any. Just so it doesn’t eat the ducky food.


  43. That first photo almost looks like a painting!

  44. Wot a cheek! It’s yoor yard and yoor bunny! Nuff said!

  45. Damn introoder cats.

  46. We agree!!! You gotta remain vigilant!
    Keep those intruder cats out of your yard!!
    You look good doing that too Wally 😉 heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  47. Wally, you seem to be doing a good job at cat-watchin’! We don’t like introoders around our house, either! Hopefully that kitty finds a new hang out soon!!

    Have a happy day!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  48. I’m sure any intruder-cat that looked up and saw your mighty mancat selves would run off in the opposite direction. You are doing a good job of keeping your bunny safe!

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