Aug 112010


The hots and the humids are back…
So I’m gonna lay here on my table until they go away.

I hope it’s soon…

  40 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally, dude–we so hear you! We think the hot and humids will be gone–oh, about November! Stay cool and I be liking the pose!


  2. Yep, I sure do agree with you, it sure has been way too hot here and today is supposed to be our hotest day of the year!

  3. Hey Wally! There’s room on our table for you! You’re welcome to join us.

    Deli & Sweet Pea

  4. ohhh so you are smart, better to take a good long nap this afternoon!

  5. The hots are here too, real super extra awful bad. I have been on the table too.

  6. Sam stuff here. But Dad put the a/c on again, so it’s not too b ad inside. Keep as cool as you can, Wally!

  7. Well, you could always come visit me! It’s pretty cold here right now.

  8. Hi Wally, it is really hot here too. Going to be 98 today. Yuck. Splitters says thanks for the encouraging words on our blog yesterday. She was very sad that she got turned down but on to the next. Hope all of you have a great day.

  9. We hear you. It’s hot and humid here and we just moved into a place with no air conditioner.

  10. Wally we 100% agree with you!!! We’re expecting 100 real temp today and humid….hate it!!! Mom and Dad were in the mountains last weekend. They finally felt cool unhumid air at 3500′!! I think we should move to the hills.

  11. Poor Wally what a sad face you have! I’m sure your mum will give you some nice treats to help you cope with the hot weather 🙂

  12. Wally your look down in the dumps – we hope it is cooler for you soon.

  13. You’re looking so sad, Wally, and we can understand why…..we have the hots and humids here also……we’re dreaming of October cuz then we should have some cooler days. xxxxxxxxx

  14. You might be there a while. We can send you some of our cool if you like.

  15. It’s hot and humid here, too. We’re doing the same thing!

  16. are you at least going to save a corner of the table for ernie?

  17. We got the hots and humids here too! Mom said the windows in her car fogged up on the way to work. We are laying on the floor vents hoping fall gets here soon.

  18. Try to stay cool Wally…waiting for Fall around here…

  19. Hang in there Wally – fall is coming!

  20. Here too, but think of it this way…Fall is next month!

  21. The hots are coming here even. I hate the hots.

  22. We are so ready for the cools!
    ~ The Bunch

  23. We think that is a great idea Wally – resting is important when the hots are around! And we are with you – we hope they go away soon!

  24. Wally has such a handsome face and great eyes!…Hope the hots and humids leave soon, although we think you might be on the table for a while, sweetie…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Wally, we hope the hots and humids go away soon! Stay cool furiends!

  26. Hey, come on over. Mom left the A/C on! We’ll break out some ‘nip and relax.


  27. I hope they go away soon. Too yucky right now.

  28. Wally…

    You’ve got the right idea!!


  29. Your expression says it all, Wally. It’s horrible here too. The humans are letting Dobby lie on the coffee table even though he’s not supposed to because he’s so much more comfortable there – we hope you get to do something like that too.

  30. Great close-up of you, Wally! Although I must say, you don’t look too happy. Heat and humidity can really make one cranky, can’t they?

  31. Dat’s kind of how I feel too buddy. The HOTs & HUMID are no fun!!

  32. WE’re with you Wally!



  33. Awww…Wally, you’re such a big sweetie, at least you look that way in your pictures. You look so cute. Sorry about the hots. We have them here too. I think you have the best plan in the meantime.

  34. What a bummer! It has been pretty cool here but we thinks it is supposed to heat up – at least we don’t have the humids. Stay cool there on the table Wally – you’re in the right spot for dinner time!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  35. Poor Wally! If you could travel, I would have you over here – it’s pleasantly warm, not too hot and no humidity! Nice for playing, sunning and snacking!

  36. Oh, we hear you, Wally! We hope the hots go away soon, too. Hang in there, buddy!

  37. Oh Wally, you look so miserable!! We hope the hots do go away soon, so you’re all more comfortable!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  38. I will try to send you some of our fog. We have not seen the sun since….since…well, it’s been so long I have no idea! I hope you gets some cool soon.

  39. Wally, it’s been very hot and humid here also but we are expecting rain and cooler weather…..if we can ever believe the weatherman that is!!!!=^Y^=

  40. Sounds a very sensible thing to do, to us. Get the rents to bring yoor food to the table so yoo don’t hafta move in the heat.

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