Aug 082010

Today is World Cat Day!

A day where us cats celebrate being cats!!

To celebrate we made a cat
out of pictures of all us Island Cats
both past and present!!


 (click on twice to biggify)

Happy World Cat Day!!!

  31 Responses to “Happy World Cat Day!”

  1. Very kewl!!! We`re celebrating this special day too!

  2. Wow! That is a very cool picture!

    Happy World Cat Day!

  3. OH my word….I’m so glad Mom and Dad got back in time for us to see this beautiful work of art!!! Give your Mom a great big HIGH 5 for excellent work and creativity.
    Madi and Mom

  4. How very very creative. Super!

    Happy World Cat Day, Ernie, Zoey and Wally.

  5. That is a brilliant collage – Happy World Cat Day to you all.

  6. That is a great collection of pictures of the Island Cats. We love that a lot. What a great way to celebrate World cat day. Hope you have a good one.

  7. SQUEE!!! What a great collage! So many cats, so much love 🙂

    Happy World Cat Day one and all!

  8. That is so cool! Happy World Cat Day to all of you Island Kitties! Have a ‘specially fantastic day.

    Fraidies Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  9. WOWZA! What a very cool collage!!! Happy World Cat Day to our furiends on the other side of the lake!

  10. What a fabulous collage! That’s a wonderful remembrance. Happy World Cat Day to you all as well!

  11. Oh yoor cat-collage is simply awesome! Happy world cat day to yoo all!

  12. Happy World Cat day. That is a cool collage!

  13. Totally PAWSOME collage…..Happy World Cat Day dear friends…..xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Pawsome kitty collage to celebrate World Cat Day with, furriends!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  15. Wow we love the photo arrangement! Happy World Cat Day! x

  16. Very creative…and beautiful! I hope y’all have a wonderful World Cat Day every single day!

  17. Well, that is just TOO COOL! We love your collage.

    Happy World Cat Day, we hope you get lovins and nip and TONS of treats!

  18. What a great collage! Those are some really sweet pictures. Happy World Cat Day!

  19. Oh my C – what a fabulous collection of pictures. Happy World Cat Day.

  20. Such a cool kitty collage=we love it!…Happy World Cat Day sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. Love that picture! Happy World Cat Day, furiends!

  22. How cool!! Happiest of World Cat Days to you!!

  23. Happy World Cat Day

  24. That is lovely. Happy world cat day.. Hugs GJ xx

  25. That is so awesome! Your mommy is soooooooo talented. Mommy forgot all about World Cat Day. sigh. I got chased by #2 (who is walking really fast), kicked out from under his crib, didn’t get a special post on my bloggy, got left while they went to my uncle’s birthday party….sigh. On the plus side, mommy gave me some ground turkey meatballs and I’m sitting on the sofa between my 2 beans watching the Bengals Preseason game while the stinky Joel is lock, I mean sleeping, in his crib. A good end to the day!

  26. That is very dear, my mommy said.

  27. Love that cat collage! Happy World Cat Day to you guys!

  28. ohmigod, what a neat IDEA, you are so creative dear friends, congrats, it’s wonderful!
    purrs and love

  29. Happy World Cat Day! That’s a pawsome collage. Mom has that program but never knew it would do something that elaborate!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkid

  30. MeWowZa…that is the coolest montage of catpuchritudiness we have effer seen! We didn’t get anything we were promised for WCD–didn’t make it to the basement, didn’t get our chicken treats…but Sammy did, so well, we can’t pout too much!

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