Aug 062010

Ernie, I’m feeling kinda generous today!
You can have that corner of my bed to take a nap, okay??
But just that corner…

Geez, Zoey…thanks…I think…

  39 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Generosity”

  1. You gotta take what you can get, Ernie!

  2. We think she’s being very generous, Ernie! Next thing ya know, she’ll be snuggling with you!

  3. Good girl Zoey, you keep those boys in line. That is very nice of you to even let him on the bed. Hope all of you have a super day.

  4. We hope Ernie had clean paws Zoey before he jumped on the bed. Are you going to ask for a kiss as payment !!?!

  5. Heh heh heh… I likes your style mah friend!

  6. That is very generous of you!

  7. Zoey, it’s so great to see you and Ernie sharing the bed!! So sweet!

  8. Sharing is nice! Your quilt is very pretty!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Such a generous girl, Zoey – can you make your tail stretch any further back perhaps?

  10. LOL!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. And she’s even letting you sit on her pink blankie? Whoa….

  12. I find that sharing is best done in small portions, too.

  13. She’s being awfully sweet Ernie but I see she has most of the bed occupied by using the ol’ layin’ diagonally ploy on ya! I can stretch out to keep my mommy from being on the courch that way.

  14. OOps. Couch. Not courch. Sowwy.

  15. MOL!!!!!!! We’re happy to see you keep your brothers in line, Zoey!!!! xxxxxxx

  16. Wow, a whole corner to yourself? Better take what you can get Ernie!

    Have a good week friends! We’ll see you when we get back from our staycation!

  17. That’s very generous of her to let you have a corner, on her pink blanket! That must be an honor!

  18. We think it’s exceedingly generous of you to let Ernie have even that corner! (And part of the blanket, by the way!)

  19. Now the weekend and be sharingly purrfect!

  20. MOL~!!! That’s SO sweet of Zoey (we think) MOL!

  21. Zoey, you are very generous today!

  22. wow Zoey, you are so charming!And Generous!
    Good girl!
    Funny post!

  23. that’s so sweet of you.

  24. That’s very sweet of you Zoey to let your brofur have the corner of the bed to nap on! You even let him have the blanket – that makes you super sweet!

  25. Ernie, We have six sisfurs…be happy with what they let you have!

  26. Wow Zoey, it is so generous of you to share that corner!!

  27. All we see is two gorgeous kitty on a furry comfy bed!




  28. Adorable photo; it’s nice of you to share YOUR bed with Ernie, beautiful Zoey!!…Happy weekend lovely friends…kitty kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. Zoey, if I ever need more attitude lessons, I will come to you!

  30. Zoey, I get generous like that with Simba every once in a while. We have to be nice to the mancats sometimes I guess. By the way, you both look super cute on the bed. I love the pink blanket!

  31. When a woman lets you do something, follow the rules. We know what we allow!

  32. That sure is nice of you to share your bed (sort of), Zoey. MOL.

  33. I think that pink blankie is the best part of the bed anyway, Ernie. Plus, you are perfectly positioned to pounce on her if you decide to!

  34. A corner is better than no bed at all. Poor Ernie, to have such a bed hog for a sister!

  35. Wow, Zoey, you really are generous. You let Ernie sleep on the corner closest to the window. I see you have your right ear trained on him to keep him in line.

  36. That blankie looks mighty comfy! Make sure she doesn’t take it!

  37. Poor Ernie! lol! Very cute piccy!

  38. Girls can be so emotional…whiny…and get miffed at the littlest intrusion into their space!

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