Aug 042010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

I’m a table-layer…that’s right, I am.
And I make no apologies for it.
I like laying on the table.


The smooth surface is cool
and it’s easy to roll around on here.


 My mom gave up a long time ago trying to keep me off of here.
Now she has one rule…
No table-laying when there’s food on it.


That’s a rule I can live with…
most of the time!


 Yeah, I’m a table-layer.
How ’bout you?  Are you a table-layer, too??

  50 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We’re all table-layers too, Wally! We just don’t do it with as much style as you do!

  2. MOL Wally you look like you are enjoying rolling around on the table. Great tummy shots!

  3. LOL you are great doing your table-pose , you are cute in all pictures.And thanks for this hint, I think I will try it here as well, looks GOOOOOOD!

  4. You’re one of the best table layers I have ever seen. We have a similar rule here – not when there is food. I seem to like tables with tablecloths, though the cool coffee table is great too.

  5. Yes we are Wally! We`re table-layers and proud of it!!

  6. Wally, we’ve never seen such incredible table-laying skill! Wow!

    We’re not allowed up on the table (or counters) in our human’s presence, no exceptions. 🙁

  7. Hi Wally! We have that same rule! We’re table sitters an not so much layers…our table is kinda small. You sure look like your enjoyin yourself.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  8. You look as though you have control of the table Wally. We started out being banned from the table always, then not when there was food about – now mum eats off a tray!!

  9. Oh yes, we are table layers too…and Figaro is learning like a champ!

  10. that’s some of the finest table laying i’ve ever seen…

  11. Oh yes my friend I too love a good table!! Enjoy!

  12. YES!!!!!!!!!! We both love the table!!!!

  13. I love laying on the table too! I love your flagrant exhibitionism, Wally 🙂

  14. Wow, we’re getting the full Wally in some of those pics! I like to lay on the counter myself. It gets you a LOT of attention! Purrs, Raymond

  15. Yep, sometimes I do, but you really are a pro!

  16. Oh we love tables for laying and especially for sleeping when it is so hot. Wally those are terrific pictures. You certainly know how to pose to get all the women here swooning. Some of them are packing their bags to come on over there. So expect Tabatha any minute.
    Have a great day.

  17. Morning Wally
    I, Madi, confess to being a table layer too. I think you look better on your table because your Mom is obviously better at picking furniture to match her beautiful kitty better than my mom is. We don’t have ANY Gray and white furnitrue.
    Madi and Mom

  18. We LOVE the table, but we choose the coffee table as that’s the one we don’t get shooed off of. And, if our beans have a party and there’s people over, KING, lays right smack~dab in the center of the kitchen table because everyone oohs and aahs and he doesn’t get yelled at!

  19. We LOVE the table too!! Our mom has given up on keeping us off of there. And since she has been working on the house, she is leaving her stuff on it – which gives us more stuff to play with. Love those tables…end tables, dinner table, coffee table…table mom made to put under the window (just for us).

  20. Thank you for your visit to us. I had to take a quick break and pop over to look at your gorgeous ginger…very photogenic! I was just reading another catblog last week where cats are a regular “decorative element” on the dining room table…and I laughed so hard when I read the writer’s comment that she pretends this is not a regular occurrence if it happens when a guest is in the house. I have given up on that line…since it happens too often to be coincidence!

  21. Love tables – watch out you don’t slide off Wally!

  22. We’re table layers too, but we like the garden tables the most!

  23. None of us so far, but we may decide to follow your example and take it up!

  24. We’re table layers, too. Mama even puts runners on it to complement our furs!

  25. I’d love the table if there wasn’t so much stuff on it all the time. It’s quite rude of the Woman I think.

  26. Hi Wally, you are a world class table-layerto be sure…I loved your poses!

    My kitties are ALL table-layers and I too gave up long ago trying to stop them. Their favourite is a new glass coffee table that I bought for the living room. I thinks the glass is smooth and cool and much appreciated in this weather!!

  27. That is one shiny, dust free table Wally! Great job!

  28. Since Mom sews on the table, she puts quilts on it for us to lay on!

  29. Oh Wally – you are just too cute for your own good. (whispering – Hey buddy – there are more comfortable places to lay down!!)

  30. Yes, Wally, we are all table layers too=kitchen, dining room, coffee table, end tables, you name it, we lay on it!!…Our Mom gave up too=it’s 3 against 1!…We are especially loving that awesome belly shot, handsome!..Happy day sweet friends…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. We’re table layers too Wally but we don’t sprawl out near as much as you do! We like to lay on placemats but your table laying style looks very, ahem, tempting!

  32. Excellent table-laying there! We both like to lay on the little kitchen table too but our mom hasn’t learned yet and still shoos us off. Training humans is a long and difficult process and it needs a lot of patience…

  33. Our mom is the same way – she totally gave up on keeping us off the tables. We even have beds their now – but we haven’t done too much rolling. It looks fun so we will have to try it!

  34. Yup! That is exactly what tables were made for. Kitties!

  35. I have a Medal of Excellence in laying on tables. Mama gave me the medal years ago. I roll on it..I lay on it..I sleep on it..I walk on it..I inspect my human broffer’s food on it..and I paw wrestle mom for a drink of her cereal milk on it.

  36. We think you are the purrfect table decoration!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  37. Yep!
    Mom gave up on us too.
    She finally just put down a thick quilt so we couldn’t scratch the table.
    But now it’s OUR table.



  38. Wally, you look so happy up there!
    Oh yeah, we are all table-layers!

  39. Way too cute! Your mommie doesn’t realize it but you are keeping the dust off of the table when you are up there. Way to go!

  40. Tables are fabulous for laying on! Pimp does it all the time, too. Sometimes he gets really rolly-polly though… and falls off. Hehe! (Don’t tell him I told you.)

  41. You have such a pretty table to lay on! You look real natural there! We all likes the table! Jazzie Jessie likes the counter tops.

  42. We sure are. Rules mean nuffin to us. MOL!

  43. We don’t have a table here, but I’m gonna make Rumblemum buy one after seeing how much fun it is!!!

  44. I am not allowed on the table. But I got up there once and there was nothing interesting so I don’t think I am missing out.

  45. The Human says I should not be on the table, but pffft! Like I follow her rules!

  46. We love the view from the table … high enough to pounce anyone who walks below.

  47. The rule here is when humans are eating at the table, Binga has to jump up and supervise. The humans did not make this rule, but that is just too bad for them.

  48. You are an artist of table laying Wally! We like table laying but usually it’s when food is around, bad timing on our part=^Y^=

  49. I can see you are a table layer~!
    You look really happy!!!

  50. We will lay on the table as long as there are papers, mail or a jacket on it…

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