Oct 052008

One of the good things about the weather getting colder
is that the heat gets turned on.
My furs get all warm and toasty laying here!
‘Cept mom’s always saying “don’t sit there, you’re gonna burn up!”
I think she’s making that up…

   Have a Happy Sunday!

  28 Responses to “Easy E Sunday – Burning Up”

  1. Ernie, I like the warmth too, but all of our vents are up high on the wall, so I can’t lay right next to them. Since it is getting cooler here in St. Louis, I have been laying on the body pillow behind Momma and Daddy on their bed … I don’t do that when it is warm out! I don’t think you are going to burn up either … silly beans don’t know what they say sometimes … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  2. I think the Mommas do that coz they just don’t want us warm and toasty huh?
    You look like a little toy you are so cute sitting there! 🙂


  3. We have vents in the floor and we lay on them and warm air blows up into our furs!!!!! We think that it is wonderful too!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  4. We can’t wait for the heat to get turned on here! Right now though, we are enjoying the windows being open. We sit on the ledge and listen to all the birdies chirping!

  5. I like to lay right in front of the fireplace and get all toasty warm too! i think you’ve got a brilliant plan. And i haven’t caught fire yet, so you should be fine too. 🙂

  6. We have radiators in our home and let me tell you, that’s the best thing in the world! We lay on them all of the time and never burn up!

  7. We have a woodburner that I like to lie right up close to in the winter. Mum says,”Eric, one day you are going to boil your brains.”

  8. You are very lucky Ernie. Our heat comes from the ceiling and we have not yet figured out how to be Ceiling Cats.

  9. Sometimes I sit down in front of the refrigerator because warm air comes out the bottom!

  10. That is a good place to rest. Our heat is not on, we have to settle for our blankie right now.
    ~ Sara and Noah

  11. Ernie, you are a very smart boy! Staying warm on the verge of burning up is good.

  12. Now that is a really cool, I mean WARM place to sit.

  13. Ernie, you don’t look as though you are burning up at all. You look so cute and comfortable. We have south facing windows with small tables in front of them with mats. We like to lie in the sun and bake. Even in winter it’s comfy cause of the heating pipes below these tables.

    Mindy & MOe

  14. You look thoroughly comfortable to me Ernie. Autumn does get a bit chilly and it would be terribly wrong if you got slightly chilly also.

  15. Wow, that’s a cool heating! We also love the heating which is something really new to us! It’s very cozy to sleep on top of it, but our Mommy is also worried we are burning! 😉 Happy Sunday!

  16. That looks very comforting and toasty.

  17. That’s *your* spot, Ernie. Defend it and whap anyone who tries to take it from you!

  18. we totally agree!

  19. It’s still not getting cold yet in Houston. I hope it starts to cool down soon though.

  20. hafe a gud toasty day

  21. Yoo gots the heat on already?? OMC’s I cant wait fer the hot airs to come on!

  22. When I lay in the windows when the sun is out and Texas is hot mommy sez “Yoo is gonna burst into flames!” Silly mommy….

  23. Ooh, it looks like you’ve got a great spot to stay warm in!

  24. If it gets too cold where you are, just teleport over. It’s getting warm here. No need to get burnt up. Not that it would happen anyway. Thanks for visiting.

  25. We love the hot air blower too – it’s one of the best parts of fall and winter!

    Thanks for your kind thoughts about our Granddaddy, it meant a lot to our Mommy.

  26. We can’t get over how shiny your furs are, they are so handsome. You are clever to find a nice warm spot to while away the weekend.

    -Fui, Suey and Evie.

  27. Yoo know dat mom’s always say dat stuff even if it’s not true, dey is such worriers.

  28. what a perfect sunday photo!
    makes me wanna curl up next to ya kitty!!

    ask yer maw a question for me… on the blog comments how did you get it to show a full page of all comments versus just a window; i have tried changing this via the blogger settings but it just wont work.


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