Jul 302010

 I’m so excited!  Y’know why??
I’m being featured over at Sammy and Andy’s Place today
as part of their Femme Friday Cats in Hats!!

From a feral kitty to a Cat in a Beautiful Hat,
I’ve come a long way, baby!!

 Thanks, Sammy and Andy, for featuring me!!

  41 Responses to “Formerly Feral Femme Friday!”

  1. You look very beautiful in your hat. We think the colour suits you so well!

  2. You look wonderful in your hat Zoey!

  3. You look stunning Zoey!!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  4. You look so sweet in your hat. Beautiful photo.

    -Pip, Smidge, Minnie

  5. Oh Zoey, you look fantastic in that hat. It is the purrfect color for you. Hope all of you have a great week end. Hugs to Ernie and Wally.

  6. Zoey, you look so gorgeous in that lovely hat! Happy Friday!

  7. You look amazing in that gorgeous hat Zoey – there will be a queue of mancats asking you for a date. Don’t let your brothers steal your lovely hat – you know what man cats are like!!

  8. Great hat. You look gorgeous sweetie. Have a great weekend.

  9. You are very gorgeous in that hat Zoey!

  10. You look beautiful!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. You are looking absolutely stunning in your hat and were so happy to see you featured today!!!

  12. Oh Zoey!!! The hat is fantastic on you. Beautiful colors with your coat.

    Have a great weekend.

    Pawhugs, Max

  13. Zoey, you look stunning in that gorgeous hat! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

  14. That hat looks fantastic on you Zoey! The bright colour is in nice contrast with your subtle hues of your fur 🙂

  15. Very lovely hat, Zoey!

  16. That hat really does become you!
    Happy Friday!

  17. A lovely hat for a lovely female cat. Great Femme Friday.

  18. We saw your photo at Sammy and Andy’s Place too=you are a gorgeous girl, Zoey, just lovely in your pretty hat!…Happy week sweet friend…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. So glam, Zoey! Sammy and Andy were great to feature you.

  20. You are more than welcome, darling Zoey…..every gal deserves at least one dress up day!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. We’re back again….we neglected to say that we think you and your brothers are very special. We are so very thankful for your friendship…we luvsy’all!!!!!

  22. I love your hat!

  23. Zoey, your hat is just purrfest on you! We think red & purple are Your colors. In fact, maybe your Mom ought to redecorate your romm to match…

  24. Zoey you look absolutely beautiful today in your purple hat with red flowers.
    Great color on you,
    Madi and Mom

  25. Hi Zoey,
    Yes, I saw you at Sammy and Andy’s and you look great! Quite the lady!

  26. You look beautiful in your hat, Zoey. Of course, you look beautiful no matter what! 🙂

  27. Oh Zoey
    YOU look so booteeful in your bonnet.
    Isn’t Sammy and Andy Mom great?



  28. Gorgeous hat Zoey!! A party purrfect ensemble!!

  29. You certainly have come a long way! Yoo are a great inspiration to all ferals.

  30. You look totally adorable Miss Zoey!

  31. Zoey, you looks absolutely stunning in dat hat! It suits you purrfectly!

    We iz furry happy dat you guys can all come to our big pawty next month…but we respectfully suggest no hats–we would not want to see such finery get mussed up in all da antics likely to be goin’ on, what wif ceiling fan swinging, counter climbing, and wastebasket scavenger hunts and all…. MOL

    But you do loook soooo regal in your beeyooteeful hat, my dear! You should be a fashun model!

  32. Lucky you, you get to wear your hat via Photoshop! Sometimes I am not so fortunate…

  33. Zoey, you do look very beautiful in your hat but then again, you’re always beautiful!

  34. We keep tellin’ Mom, we want a sister………you can see how far that’s gettin’ us=^Y^=

  35. Zoey yoo has found the most pawtastic furever home and you HAVE come a long way baby!

  36. You look very lovely in your hat!

  37. Mom is looking for a hat just like yours, Zoey! Wherever did you find it?

  38. Well you iz one cute kittee in dat hat, I mustee say! Tank you fur your wordz abouts da Scooterz back surgery. Dis iz helpful to Delilah. She iz gonna be stayin’ in a big crate after her knee iz fixed. She may not be reel happee but she will be safe.

  39. Cool purple hat! We love those flowers on top!

  40. Your are so purdy! Lucky you … Home is where the treats are & all the scritches a kitty could every have.

  41. And a lovely hat it is my dear!!

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