Jul 282010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Hiding?  Me hiding in here??
No…I’m not hiding…
I’m checking out the litter supply.
Yeah, that’s it!!
Yep, looks like we got enough…
but you can lose this newspaper stuff!!

(RATS!  My super secret hiding spot has been discovered!!)

  50 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We thought you were just Tidy-ing up, Wally!

  2. There is just no privacy, is there? Thanks +++ for purring for my cousin Marzepan. See you when SS gets back in 2 weeks.

  3. We think it would’ve been a great hiding spot, but maybe you shouldn’t use it on litter changing day!

  4. Good job Wally, keeping track of the litter. We take it the newspaper stuff is not good. We will remember that and tell our assistant not to get any of that for sure. Thanks for that great update on litter.
    Have a great day.

  5. uh oh, time to find anofur sooper sekret hiding spot!

  6. We thought you might be doing a review of the litter!

    But since every mancat needs a private mancat hiding spot, maybe you’ll find another, one that will remain secret this time. 🙂

  7. Hey Wally, are you guarding your supplies? A cat’s job is never done! Have a great day-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  8. Wally we thought your mom had put you there to keep tidy! Seriously isn’t it a pain when they find your best hiding spot.

  9. Wally that was scary for a moment Mom and I were afraid you were thinking that was your litter box. MOL…
    Is the newspaper stuff you are trashing that crazy litter made out of newspaper?
    Don’t they know kitties like to feel sand in their paws not nasty smelly newspaper bits and pieces?

  10. Hoomins are so rude, they just haz to intrude on everything we do! Nothing is sacred.

  11. i’m impressed by how clean the closet is. if the boyz opened one of my closets there’d be an avalanche of stuff falling on top of them.

  12. My folks recently discovered my super secret hiding spot too, so RATS here as well.

  13. I think you are indeed a tidy cat, and you’re just making sure everything’s in order in that closet. You’re a great closet organizer, Wally! But sooner or later you’ll have to come out of there. I know coming out of the closet can be difficult, but you’ve got a great support system.

  14. Looks like a good spot to catch a quiet time!

  15. You are a super snoopervisor, Wally!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Very important to check the litter inventory weekly. Good job, Wally!

  17. Wally, now you can have fun finding another super secret hiding place!

  18. Gemini hates it when the Woman shows off her hiding place to the pet sitter and she has to find a new one…

  19. Hope you can find another super secret hiding place away from the pawpawrazzi!

  20. We likes the Tidy Cat ourselves

  21. Well, it was a great hiding spot while it lasted, Wally!!

    Mom says the newspaper stuff is great for post-op of the feral kitties, but we won’t use it.

  22. Maybe she didn’t see you …

  23. Wally?…Where’s Wally?…Why can’t we find Wally??…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  24. Another good hiding spot discovered!

  25. Wally that looks like a cool place to high out!
    We’d especially like to be doing that right now with all of this construction going on at our house.



  26. Oh RATS – now you are going to have to find a new hiding place (with treats, of course).

  27. Wally, you has to wait until the littler is IN the litterbox before you use it!

  28. Sometimes a kitty just needs a bit of quiet alone time in the cupboard for contemplation and stuff!

  29. Sorry your hidey place got discovered, Wally, but you sure look cute in there on top of that box of litter. Love the look on your face.

  30. Sorry bout your hidey place Wally, those pawparatzzi are sneaky that way, but you sure looks cute in there all hunkered like that. (We loves our ‘Yesterdays News’ liter.)

  31. Don’t you hate when they find our super secret hiding spots and then insist on photographing them?!

  32. Oh no, and it was such a good spot too, now you’ll need to find a new one!

  33. That’s your secret hiding spot? I thought that maybe you were hinting around that the litter box needed some human intervention.

  34. Looks like a great spot. Litter supply is very important, so clearly us humans can’t be trusted to keep track on our own. Good call!

  35. Well, I hope he’s not doing what it looks like he might be doing, MOL!

  36. Looked like a good hiding place, Wally. We bet you can find an even better one, though. Keep those humans guessing.

  37. Ha! Ha! You are just doing your job there!! Hiding is important to us kitties… also making sure the beans buy the best litter!

    Jazzie Jessie likes to reach into a new litter box and play with the clean sands through the little tiny hole mom has made!

  38. Iffen yer hidin, it helps ta close the door. MOL!

  39. Baby thinks closets are awesome places too.

  40. When we looked at the picture, we thort for a minute that yoo were just being TIDY! MOL!

  41. Nice hiding spot Wally!!

  42. Sorry the deer ate your impatiens! Our are only safe because they are up high and the deer don’t climb stairs. At the very end of the season, Dad moves the boxes next to the driveway and the deer eat them all up! We are ambivalent about deer – mostly we like them and hope they do ok but it is no fun if they eat your flowers.

    Maybe some new flowers will come on yours if the deer don’t nibble those as well.

  43. Just think, if that box of litter was open, you could even use the facilities right there in your hiding spot!

  44. sorreh, Wally. MOL!

  45. closets are the best place ever! mom never lets me stay in hers – you pop the big bouncy exercise ball once and they never let you back in.

  46. Phantom wishes he had a good hiding spot like that. We all came by to thank you for your good wishes for Phantom. We really appreciate it.

    Woos ~ the OP Pack

  47. Why is it that all our good hidey holes are discovered…by the pawpawrazzi!?

  48. We cats need to keep track of supplies. You are right on top of things Wally (couldn’t resist!)

  49. Are you sniffin to make sure it’s unscented litter,or what?

  50. Wally, you have a twin in my cat Willy. Same orange stripies and alien eyes. I love cats.

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