Jul 262010

You see what I see out there, Wally?

Yeah, Ernie…it’s a waskily wabbit!!

Wally…I’m feeling like some wabbit stew…whaddaya think??

You don’t like wabbit, Ernie!
Remember when we got some stinky goodness with wabbit in it?
We wouldn’t eat it!!

Oh yeah…I forgot about that!  It was yukky!!

It’s a good thing for you, wabbit, that I got such discerning taste!!!

  45 Responses to “Mancats – Waskily Wabbit”

  1. OMC! We’ve never seen a rabbit. Our human thinks we’d have a stroke if we did. Heh. But we didn’t like the Instinct rabbit she tried to feed us, so we’re not sure if we’d like rabbit stew anymore than you would!

  2. Even if you didn’t eat it, it would be SUCH fun to try to chase it!

  3. MOL!! We have lots of those waskily wabbits here. We’ve seen Gretchen chase a few at night.

  4. Our very favorite flavor of Nature’s Variety raw is rabbit!

  5. That is one lucky wabbit! Like Daisy, we like our food with bunny in it too…so tell that wabbit to scram before we come over!

  6. Oh thank heavens you aren’t going to eat that cute wabbit. But we would chase one in a skinny minute. But it is fun to watch them. That one is very brave to come to your yard with those eyes watching it so carefully.
    Have a great week.

  7. Classy mancats do not eat wabbit!! Madi and I think you gave that wabbit a fright by staring hard at it though.
    Happy Monday
    Madi and Mom

  8. he he – I don’t think I’d like rabbit stew – not sound good. But, I sure love watching the rabbits in our yard too. Would love to get out there and have a game of chase with it.

  9. We bet that wabbit only came to play near your window because he knew about Ernie’s discerning taste!!

  10. we gots lots of waskily wabbits too but I just watch them on my TV outside.

  11. He sure is lucky rabbit.

  12. Yeah, wabbit, you are very lucky today!

  13. That rabbit is one lucky hare, that you guys don’t like rabbit. But, we think it wouls surely make a fun toy to chase!

  14. That rabbit must know that you don’t like the taste!

  15. How exciting to see little rabbits in your yard!!!

  16. I’m not sure if I like rabbit but I love to watch them from patio. You two look so cute intently staring at him. I wonder if he knows how lucky he is.

  17. But maybe FRESH real live fresh dead wabbit would be good!

  18. MOL! Lucky rabbit. We have to say that since we have some rabbit siblings we have to be seen to be anti rabbit cat food

  19. Oooooo we love those wabbits too!!

  20. We don’t like wabbit either – lucky wabbit! Love ernie’s hanging out pict and belated gotcha day wishes.

  21. I agree guys, but it’s fun to do the Bunny Hop!

  22. Wabbits are gud for wabbit-tv!



  23. We are glad you have discerning taste and the rabbit is safe.

  24. Scouty says he would like to try wabbit…heck, ALL of us would! Can you box one up for us and send it?

    Ernie, we are suprised that you REALLY have 24 toesies! You must spend ages getting them all clean.

  25. We think that we have never had wabbit – we don’t remember. But it is a cutie so we think it would be a bad idea to eat it anyway!

  26. That rabbit has no idea how lucky he is, picking a yard owned by two cats who don’t like the way he tastes!

  27. So cool you guys have Rabbit TV=we’ve never seen a real one before!!…Happy week handsome boys and beautiful Zoey…kitty kisses x3…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  28. You are so lucky to have Wabbit TV! We only have the Birdie Network here. We don’t think we’d want to eat wabbits either – mommy thinks they’re too cute for us to eat. They do look fun to chase around though!

  29. That is one lucky wabbit!

  30. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a rabbit – actually, I don’t think I’ve seen one either! He looks yummy, oops….., I mean nice.

  31. We likes rabbit… well domestic rabbit. But we not know about wild rabbits.
    This a very cute post!!!

  32. That wabbit doesn’t know how lucky he is!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  33. We love rabbit Stinky Goodness. Last year I kept catching baby bunnies for mum but she kept setting them free again. Mean old mum.

  34. Mom has gone all squeally

  35. Rabbit is one of my favorite flavors of food. I don’t think I’ve seen a lives one before tho


  36. That rabbit is cute, until he starts munching on your flowers. Then the cuteness fades real fast. (like our stinkin’ gopher)

  37. I don’t think I would like wabbit, either.

  38. That is one lucky bunny!

    My guys only have birdies and squirrels in the garden, I don’t know what they’d do if they saw a rabbit!

  39. That bun is lucky that you boys know you don’t like the taste of bunny in a can! I still want to try it, so I think I’d to nom it! If I could go outside…

  40. We love that island out yer winder, and we are buggin The Big Thing ta make us one (with a birdie feeder). He says he will. We doubt that, but he says he been plannin it fer his own reasons annyway, so mebbe it will happen!

  41. How about some crazy bird stew? LOL=^Y^=

  42. MOL! Vishus squirrel stew might be a nice alternative?

  43. Well, dat waskily wabbit looks fun to hunt though! You can catch and release, Ernie! Srsly.

  44. The two in the window watching the rabbit…priceless!

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