Easy E Sunday

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Jul 252010

It’s been awhile since I’ve hung out here on the ol’ cat tree.
So that’s what I’m gonna do today…

Y’know what else??  I’m 5 years old now!
I don’t remember being born,
but mom says it probably was right around this time of year.

So, that’s what I’m gonna do today…
I’m gonna hang out here on the cat tree,
eat lots of treats and enjoy being 5 years old!!

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  1. Well Happy Birthday to you Ernie, even if you don’t know the exact day. Happy Birthday month! I hope you get all the treats your little heart desires — and anything else you want for that matter — you deserve it!

  2. Ernie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!! Hang in that tree ALL day, you deserve it! The humans can serve you treats on a tray, while you enjoy your day…


  3. Today sounds like a perfect day to celebrate your birthday….Happy Birthday handsome Ernie. xxxxxxxxx

  4. That’s a great “hangover,” Ernie!

    Happy birthday-around-this-time to you! Seems like a good day to pick to celebrate! We don’t really know our birth dates, either, though we have estimates for Nicki and Derry. Annie is anyone’s guess, so we arbitrarily picked a November date, even though she probably was born in August, September or October of 2000.

  5. We think your hangover is less painful than ours!! Happy Birthday Ernie – we hope you gets treats and a special dinner . We don’t know our proper birthdays either so we just chose a day around what we thought was rightish!

  6. Happy 5, Ernie! We’re still on our blogcation but had to stop by to send you our best wishes. Franklin and Tasha were born right around this time of year too (we have no idea about Dobby) and Franklin will also be 5 this year, so he sends you special purrs.

  7. Hi Ernie…glad to see you hanging around for your 5th b-day
    Happy Day handsome friend,
    Hugs Madi….mom on on restriction…bad Mommy

  8. Ernie, sure hope you have a good day of hanging around. And a very Happy Birthday whenever it was. 5 years old, you are in the prime of life. That is a super picture of you hanging.
    You had better stop hanging for a few minutes and go collect your birthday treats.
    Hope you have a fantastic day.

  9. Happy close enough to your birthday.

  10. Oh my goodness I love your paws Ernie!!!

    Happy maybe Birthday to you! We hope you get lots of treats!

  11. Happy 5th purrmonth Ernie!
    We like the idea of celebrating the whole month, how about you?


  12. Happy 5th Birthday Ernie! We hope you have a great day hanging out and eating treats!

  13. Happy birthday hanging around! You could have posted that pic yesterday for the Photo Hunt theme of hanging.

  14. Happy Birthday Season to you. Since you don’t know the exact day, I think you should celebrate for a month….

    Have a good one…. Max

  15. Well Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you get lots and lots of treats today!

  16. Thanks for hopping over to my blog. I aprpeciate it. Now I’ve found too you. This hopping around is fun.

  17. Happy 5th birthday Ernie. Hanging out on your tree sounds like a good way to celebrate.

  18. Happy 5th birthday, Ernie! I hope you stay around for 5 x google more years. My mom told me to use “google”. She’s a former math professor.

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Tree hanging is a great way to turn 5…or relatively 5 😉

  20. Happy Birthday handsome Ernie!!…We hope all your birthday wishes come true and you have a fun special day, sweetie!…Wishing you lots of extra cuddles and treats and sending many birthday kisses and birthday hugs from us to you, adorable friend…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. Happy Turning Five, Ernie! Five is a great age to be. Mommy is wondering eggzactly HOW many toes you have…we guess 24!

  22. Happy Birthday! I say ham all around! Let’s get celebrating!

  23. Happy birthday! We found you via the Pet Blog Hop!

  24. Happy birthday, Ernie!

  25. Happy 5 yrs to you; enjoy your tree!!!

  26. Ernie, you look pawsome up there 🙂
    Happy 5th Birthday too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You look handsome 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  27. Happy 5th birthday, Ernie! Sounds like you’re having a great day of treats and hangin’ around.

  28. Happy birthday Ernie! I love how you are giving us a great view of your big, mancatly mittens!

  29. Happy Birthday Ernie! That is a good way to spend your special day!

  30. Happy Birfday Ernie! You’re a very handsome black mancat like me, although I am six now. I don’t ‘zackly know my birfdate but my Human says it was around June 1 so we just use that date.

  31. Happy Birthday Ernie. Have a wonnerful day sweet boy, and lotsa treats.

  32. Happy birthday and smooches on those huge paws!

  33. Happy 5th birthday! Hanging out on the cat tree sounds like a good idea for your birthday!

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