Jul 232010

Hey, Ernie!!
I’ll trade you this ball and the nip cigar
for that tomato….

Throw in that nip mousie by your tail, Zoey,
and it’s a deal!!!

  36 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Let’s Make A Deal”

  1. It’s the world of heavy hitting deals here!

  2. Hey Ernie, I think Zoey is hiding a nip sardine behind her too! Girlcats can be so sneaky!


  3. Will Wally allow that? Isn’t the nip tomato his favorite?

  4. Lots of wheeling and dealing going on over at your place!!

  5. Talk about wheeling and dealing! We’d like to be a fly on the wall–so to speak–when you’re making clandestine nip deals!

  6. MOL!! Let’s make a deal!

  7. Hope you two get that trade worked out. We do that all the time. We can’t decide who is getting the best deal. We like to do the same thing. Trade toys around. The toy we don’t have is always the better toy. Have a great week end.

  8. HA Mom said it sounds like you two are playing ‘go fishing’…she is lol so hard at herself…Mom is pretty darn crazy I don’t know where her mind goes to come up with those things……
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  9. glad to see you two practice diplomatic negotiations. in our house it’s straight to aggressive tactics.

  10. Zoey – don’t let Ernie trick you into passing all those toys over before he makes a down payment!!

  11. What a good idea to trade, and share, your toys. That way nobody gets bored. It’s wonderful to see brofur and sisfur playing so nicely together.

  12. Hey, I hope y’all have a wheelin n’ dealin weekend!

  13. Hey, you guys can teach me a few things. When I have guests, I tend to defend my things but to think that I could bargain…hm…opens up a whole new world.

  14. Three for one. That must be some tomato!

  15. Yeah, that must be one heck of a potent tomato to want to trade three other toys for it!

  16. You drive a hard bargain, Ernie!!!!!!!!

  17. That’s quite a hard bargain, but better than what happens at our house. There’s usually a snatch-and-run tactic and no negotiating!

  18. We’re surprised Ernie would even consider sharing his tomato! Happy Friday friends!

  19. Hey, where’s Monty Hall when you need him?…I say trade it all in for what’s behind door #2!

  20. intense negotiations for the coveted nip tomato…

  21. Ernie is quite the deal maker!

  22. Boy, you two might need Henry Katssinger to negotiate THIS deal!

  23. You guys make quite the deals over there.

  24. Sounds like a great deal to us


  25. That must be some special tomato if you are negotiating 3 for 1!

  26. High finance there! Makes sure you gets interest on that cigar!
    Has a great weekend.

  27. That is a great picture! Have a nice weekend!

  28. MOL!!…You guys have that toy negotiation down, have you silly kitties done this before?!!…Happy weekends sweet friends, stay cool and enjoy the nip!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. That is some serious wheeling and dealing going on over there!

  30. Hahahaha, a clever deal!
    Thank you for the concats and nosekissies for my Gotcha Day.
    Purrs, Siena

  31. So the tomato must be quite the coveted toy. Good thing there is some sytem in place for sharing/trading. Have fun playing!

  32. Zoey, Ernie is driving too tough a bargain! Just go ask your human for your own tomato.

  33. I like the way you two share your stuff. That is reeeeaallly nice.

    bonkie bonk

  34. Hey! What’s with all the nice negotiating? I think you should have a winner-take-all wrasslin’ match!

  35. WOW! You’re much nicer than Jack. My toys end up by Jack and I gotta pass the Whappy Paw of DEATH to get them back! Can I come play with YOU?!?

  36. Wow! That is a lot of wheeling and dealing going on there! Did you get what you want?

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