Jul 192010

Hey Wally!!  I’m tired of the hots, aren’t you?? 

Yeah, Ernie…
there’s nothing to do when the hots are here.
We can’t even have the windows open
‘cuz the cold air blower is on…

I wish the hots would go away, Wally…
and take the humids with them, too!!

 Oh boys…

 Yeah, mom???

Be careful what you wish for…it could be January!!

YIKES!!  Never mind!!!

  45 Responses to “Mancats – Go Away Hots!”

  1. I think we’d take the hots over January any day!!!

  2. Great post! As far as the humids go, they are even worse than the hots. But your Mom is right – we don’t EVER want those snows to come back again. Florida or Tennessee, here we come!

  3. We don’t know. The snows can be fun to play in sometimes, but no fun for pooping in.

  4. Yeah, we’re cringing at the coming -30C weather. Okay, our human is. Somewhere between the awful heat + humidity and snow/ice/sleet is a happy medium, we’re sure. 🙂

  5. That is true. We shouldn’t complain, but we always do.

  6. LOL, you two are the best. Love the snow scene. That did put things in perspective
    It is hot here too Ernie and Wally. We just have to play very early in the morning before it gets scorching.
    Hope you have a great week.

  7. I think we prefer the hots over the winter cold but an in between is just right.

  8. We’ll take the hots over the snow anyday!

  9. every year when it’s a zillion below zero here during winter in minnesota i say to myself, ‘why in the bleep do i live here?’ then whenever it gets to a zillion above zero and 120 percent humidity during the summer i say to myself, ‘i much prefer winter because when it’s cold out you can always put on more clothes.’

  10. Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 days looking for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  11. We’ll take the hots down here. It has been a mild winter, and we don’t have any snow, but we love the hots.

  12. We have the humids and hots here too, but your Mom is right! It’s better than the colds!

  13. Mom and Madi are singing the same song!!! We hates the 5 H weather here in NC. Hot, hazy, humid, horrible and horrific!!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  14. MOL…cute post!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We’re purring for January down here….course we don’t have that white stuff in January…….and hopefully we have some cool days.

    Have a great week Ernie, Wally and Zoey. xxxxxxxxx

  15. Here in Wisconsin, we actually prefer the cooler weather–mama says she would love a snowbank to roll around in!

  16. We are waiting for Fall…you can keep the hots and the winters…wishes it was fall, cool and crisp, all year 🙂

  17. Wow–I think we avoided that… and it’s cool here again. Come and visit!

  18. Hahaha! That is a good reminder to be careful of what you wish for!

  19. Mommy thinks she’d almost rather have the snow…really!

  20. hm. it would seem your mommeh is right.

  21. TSB is not complaining about this heat, because of that exactly – for the better part of a month we were digging out from under 4+ feet of snow, and got a total of nearly 7 feet through the entire winter. We will take the hots anytime. TSB knows how to keep us cool – whether we like it or not.

  22. We are a tiny bit sick of the hots. Anything over 100 is too hot for us, and we’re averaging 115 on the Catio lately…

    Mommy said she’ll deal with the heat any day; better than shoveling, scraping, and getting slush in her shoe.

  23. Yep, a little less hots would be purrfect!

  24. LOL…it’s so hot and humid here that that snow scene looks really wonderful!

    Wally and Ernie, Lucy and Simba love the heat but that’s only because they can come in from the patio and enjoy the AC.

  25. Your mum is right, we have to remember what the winters are like! But it has been so humid lately it is hard not to complain 🙂

  26. True, True…could be snows…

  27. Those hots are awfully hard for us fur coated babies to stand. That cold box is good but the hots make us have to stay where we can be cool and drink our waters. Our furs are beautiful but hot too.

  28. Hots are better than the snow that’s for sure. It’ll be upper 70s, low 80s here this week so you boys can come visit us!

  29. The only time the hots are good is when you have the hots for a ladycat. Otherwise, it can be rather stifling. Maybe you only need to imagine winter to help yourself cool down — a little visualization never hurt — and now you’ve got a picture to help you with it.

  30. We feel the same way, boys!…Happy week sweet friends, stay cool!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. Our hots have left us and it is too cool and raining. We wish they would come back. We like our hots because they don’t often go above 75.

  32. We don’t mind the HOTS too much ’cause we stay comfy in the A/C.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  33. Your Mom has a point but we wishes we could have nice Spring and Fall weather all year. NO HOTS and NO COLDS. Just nice pleasant flower growing weather.

  34. We agree. The hots are not as bad as the colds…

  35. We agree, enough of the hots already!

  36. I feels cooler already! Thanks guys.

  37. It’s not-as-hot here today, finally!

  38. Oh yes! We would hate for it to be winter! But then … where went the Spring??!?? Seems we never had any of that!

  39. Yeah, we agree with your Mom – better to be indoors (well, better to be indoors, period!!) with the air on rather than have the cold take over & you have to cuddle up with your brother!! (I am NOT looking forward to our first winter here in Illinois & dealing with Simon trying to snuggle with me!!)

    Try to stay cool!! (Figuratively & physically – MOL!!)

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  40. You’re invited to SF anytime! It’s a very pleasant 55 degrees right now, with some very nice fog banks blowing by!

  41. Hots are better than the cold ~ for sure. Pity it can’t even owt a bit, isn’t it?

  42. I wish the hots were here! I have never been anywhere as cold as it is here.

  43. Wonderful! I will share this with my staff so she quite whining about the hots.

  44. Or you could be here!! (where it’s winter!!)

  45. Thanks for this interesting read, even if it took quite a large time to read. (English is not my native tongue) Can I ask where you got your sources from? Thank you!

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