Jul 142010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Oh, hi there!  I’m catching some rays today.  Maybe if I’m lucky, someone will open this door and I’ll “accidently” fall outside!!

Remember the “Precious Pets” photo contest our mom entered us in last week??  Well, the results are in and we didn’t win!!   RATS!!!  But that’s okay…mom says we’re the cutest cats around and that’s all that matters!!

The contest was a huge success!  It raised over $2600 for P.A.W.S. of Michigan!!  And all those green papers will help a lotta kitties and woofies!!!

  54 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We think you should of won, but we agree you’re the cutest cats around!

    What a fabulous success the contest was!

  2. Sorry that you didn’t win. But I’m so glad that all those moneys were raised for animals in need. Awesome.

  3. We’re sorry you didn’t win, but thrilled the contest raised so much money. That’s terrific!

  4. LOL, we will be right over Wally to open that door so you can fall outside and we won’t even tell anyone. We cannot believe that you didn’t win. That just isn’t right because you two are just the bestest cats there are. We love visiting you. And good job raising a lot of money for the homeless kitties.
    Have a great day.

  5. Are you going to use the door’s pressure closer as a pillow? That is a fun place to nap, Wally.

  6. Your mammy is right, you are cute and I love you all so much!

  7. Great job raising money for homeless kitties, but we’re sorry you didn’t win! You’re number one with us, Wally!

  8. Wally and Ernie are the cutest kitties we know in Michigan!!!

    Wally you make an excellent sentry laying kind of low so the possible outside introoders can’t see you,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Great news about the amount raised for P.A.W.S.

    Shame you didn’t win though

  10. Your tan is coming along nicely…

  11. It’s a shame your mom’s entry didn’t win but the money went to a very good cause. We’ll teleport over and open that door when we’ve has another nap.

  12. We hope you don’t fall outside…what if those viscus deer are out there?

  13. So sorry you did not win, you are the cutest in our book. Great plan to sit next to the door incase it opens up. Good luck with that.

  14. THat is great for PAWS! WE thought you would win!

  15. Well, even if the door doesn’t accidently open, at least you have a great sun spot to lay in.

  16. You are winners in our book, for sure!!! So glad so many green papers were raised for P.A.W.S!!!

  17. What a bummer….we think you should have won!!!!

    We’re firing up the magic afghan and will come and open the door for you!!!!! 🙂

  18. I agree, you are the cutest around and should have won! Be careful, you wouldn’t want to get outside where there are all kinds of dangers.

  19. Nothing better than rays of sunshines!

  20. You are always a winner to us, handsome Wally!…Enjoy your sunbeams, sweetie…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. Handsome is as handsome does… and we quite taken with that little extra bit of tummy floof…

  22. If you fall outside you could melt Wally!

  23. Watcha doin there Wally. I sees the suns but it seems to me your trying to sneaks out!

  24. Yoo are definitely one of the cutest cats around! End of!

  25. I’m surprised you didn’t win the contest cuz I think you’re the cutest of them all. Oh well, it was great for you to be a part of somehthing that raised so much money.

    Have a great day!

  26. Hey, y’all are always winners as far as we are concerned!

  27. Wally, I love your sun puddle! Mama and I have a hard time believing you didn’t win, but how great that so much money was raised!

  28. How wonderful that the contest raised that many green papers for such a great cause!

  29. It is great that the competition raised lots of money. We think you should have won though.

  30. Accidently Wally??? Really???? Cats read minds ya know….we know your skeemin’ up a plan=^Y^=
    Hey, Thanks for the Birthday wishes for Teak and ICE…..Mommy played with both of them and their new toys! =^Y^=

  31. They probably felt sorry for the other kitties since they knew you are Super cute and they were probably only just cute! Concatulations on all that green paper raised to help the kitties!

  32. You’re a winner in our hearts Wally

  33. Yes, I agree with your Mom that you and your brother and sister the cutest cats around (although I reserve Canada for my own 3-Ds)! You are especially cute in that picture Wally! At least money was raised for the needy animals, and that’s what’s most important.

    You don’t need other people’s affirmation to know how adorable you are!

  34. We think you totally should have won the contest – we think it ws rigged! Well, the important thing is that it helped to raise a lot of money to help out the other kitties you need it!

  35. Wally, we’re glad the contest helped raise a lot of money, but we think you guys should have won!

  36. I hide behind the drapes by the deck an that doesnt help. Good luck on fallin out the door…


  37. Such a stylin’ photo–good to see a man cat be in the spotlight just like he oughta be…!

  38. Wally
    We all think you are ultra cute.


  39. Paws up for the fundraising, even if you guys didn’t win! Wally, I hope that door is firmly latched or you WILL fall outside!

  40. Wally, you three are super duper cute in our book! That’s a TON of green papers for homeless kitties…what a great thing your Mom was able to help out.

  41. Paws paddin togethers for the fund raisins. Sorrees you no wins, but it was for a good cause. Maybe nex time you wins it all.

    Er, you don shares what you wins does you?

    Just askin …..

  42. You totally shoulda won! But I think you are celebrating Bastille Day there!

  43. We agrees with your mommy, you are very cute! Sorry you not wins, but winning your mommy’s heart is mostest important. (And YAY for PAWs)

  44. Grete is so excited that you came by to wish her a Happy Birthday. She’s so happy that she said she’d accidentally open the door for you!

    We think you should have won that contest too!

  45. wally received a prize, here:

    you’re invited to post in your blog the diploma; it’s original and is designed by enya pete especially for the contest CAT TAIL.

    the prize is for esthetic look, picture and tail atitude.
    the contest is here:

  46. You guys would get our votes every time. What a great fund raiser anyway, good for the poor kitties that don’t have their forever homes yet.

  47. That looks like a brilliant sun puddle, Wally.

  48. Whoa thats lots of green papers for good stuff! ConCATs on helping to earn that and yoo know, we kittehs and woofies always seem to win over our beans hearts so dat is all dat counts!

    Thank you for coming to my party, stay for as long as yoo want, there is plenty of nip in the fields.


  49. Oh, we are so excited! Do you think we qualify as “Island Cats” now? Please read Dante’s gardening post today and let us know if we can join the club. Thanks.

  50. I think that is a great place for you to soak up sunbeams! Sorry buddy, but I think you should stay inside unless under adult bean snoopervision. I think you guys are totally winners and PAWS are totally winners. I’m glad they raised so much money!

  51. you’re just like me..I lay at my front door just like that, soaking in the sun.

  52. We LOVE the sunbeam, too!! But Wally – if someone were to open that door if we were there, we would run the other way!! We don’t like the outside!

    Super news on raising funds for the kitties & the woofies in need – yay!! Don’t worry, we think you are PLENTY cute!!

    Have a great day!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  53. We like to lounge by the door too. Ours has glass all the way down so we can see out while lounging on the floor.
    Thank you sooo much for your healing purrs for Scooby! He has come out of hiding today and seems to be improving!

  54. We thinks that you are cute too! But you did a good job helping to raise the green stuffs for PAWS!

    Ha! Ha! Sandusky likes to lay in the doorway… we thinks he hopes it will open and he will get out to the catnip plant!!

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