Jul 122010

Ernie…I’m sad…
Mom’s staycation is over and she hadta go back to work today.

Yeah, I’m sad too, Wally…
who’s gonna play with us and feed us
and skritch our heads
and give us treats and clean our litterboxes??

Oh, Ernie!  Mom will do all that stuff!!
She’ll just hafta do it when she comes home!!

But, Wally…isn’t doing all that stuff her real job?!?

  48 Responses to “Mancats – Mom’s Real Job”

  1. I *wish* that humans could be paid a salary to stay home full-time and look after their kitties! So does my human.

  2. We definitely agree with you, Ernie! We don’t know why they moonlight with these other ‘jobs’!

  3. Anything to do with us is definitely the PRIMARY job. However, that means their secondary jobs are also primary jobs, as it helps them pay for our foods and treats.
    The good thing about parents who love kitties is that they somehow find the time to do both. Get a good nap in while your Mom is at work today so you have boundless energy when she gets home.

  4. Our human wishes she could be paid her current salary and benefits/pension, too, to stay home and look after us!

    Good luck to your mom, getting back into the work-grind.

  5. We know how you guys feel, we were very sad when our mom’s staycation was over too. Why can’t they just stay home with us all the time?

  6. That is her other job and her pay is your purrs and head bumps so be sure you keep doing that, you two. And she should get extra because she has to do the cat job every single day. But she wishes she could be home with you, that is for sure. Have a great week.

  7. Never fun to go back to work!

  8. Wally and Ernie our mom’s wear lots of hats it seems.
    Litter patrol, head scratch patrol, food police, shutterbug, keeper of our big house, extraordinary cook, but most of all MOM supreme!!!
    Madi and Mom

  9. We think your Mom would possible like to stay and look after you two handsome man cats and your pretty sisfur Zoey too.

  10. I wish mom got paid to stay home with us full time. Sigh. Off she goes everyday.

  11. Ernie’s right again! Sorry your Mom had to go back to work. We’re sure she’s not all that excited about it either!

  12. Sorry to hear your mom had to go back to work. It’s hard to get used to having her gone when you’re so used to having her home with you. Hope you have a great week anyway.

  13. I’m sure your mom is having a hard time leaving you boys too for the ‘real world’. Staycations are great!!

  14. WE are sorry Mom had to go back to work. She will ve tired but bery glad to see you this evening.

  15. Mommy will still take care of all that, but she hasta earn monnies to pay for the litter and food, too.

  16. We’re wishing mama would get paid for loving on us, too!

  17. Yup, it’s sad that our beans don’t realize we are ALWAYS their first priority!!!!!!!


  18. It shud be shouldn’t it. We fink the government shud give a tax break to all cat owners (‘cos they hafta buy stinky goodness and poop litter and stuff) ~ so then they cud afford to werk less and stay at home more!

  19. Oh no, that just doesn’t seem right guys!

  20. I wish I could stay home all day with Pimp and Moo and get paid for it. You two make a good point!

  21. Hi guys. It’s always hard when moms have to go back to work. It might even be the hardest for the mom. Hope you have a great week!

  22. What a depressing Monday for you! Just think how bad your mom feels having to leave you sweeties.

  23. It’s always hard when the hoomins have to go away. On the other paw, it means extended, uninterrupted naps, so there is that….

  24. Mommyless Mondays just plain old suck. Hang in there, she’ll be home soon!

  25. You two are so so cute !!!

  26. That’s what I’m sayin’, guys. Takin’ care of us is a full time job and they oughta get paid GOOD for doin’ it! Not that they wouldn’t do it for free, cuz they loooooove us…:)

  27. oh dear friends,
    please don’t be sad, momy needs to work but she loves you so much and she will think about everything you need there at home, don’t worry.
    I will be here thinking about you okay, sending good energies!
    love you

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  29. As a working cat mum I have to say that I would definitely prefer to be home with my kitties instead of at the office! I’m sure your mum was sad to leave you guys today…and everyday.

  30. I’m pretty sure you guys come first but your the Moms out of the house job is just as important! I mean it does pay for you all! My Mom was wondering about your Moms job and was hoping maybe she would e-mail her about it at onecatsnip (at) gmail (dot) com she was looking into enrolling into the veterinary technology program at one of the local comm colleges but wants a more in depth type look. So whenever your mom has time and if she would like to mom would really appreciate it!

  31. We bet your mom wishes she could stay home with you boys and Zoey all the time. Might as well nap while she’s gone so you’ll be up when she gets home!

  32. Even if it’s not her real job, it should still be her priority! Cats come first, after all.

    I’m sure your mom is sad to go back to work, too. So be gentle with her, boys.

  33. We know your Mom #1 love is both of you and if she didn’t need to make those green fings she would stay home with you all the time.


  34. We agree that obeying our every whim should be the Beans real job, but we have to let them go to their day hunting jobs to get our stinky goodness.

  35. WE should be top priority. Of course part of that is needing green papers for stinky goodness and nip.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  36. We agree=we are Mommy’s most important job and she should be here 24/7 to cater to our needs…Happy week sweet friends…kisses handsome boys…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  37. I really don’t see why humans can’t stay home and do all that all the time. We cats would be more than happy to share our food and give headbutts! What other pay does anyone need?

  38. They should make a law where beans had to stay home with their cats, instead of running off to hunt (or whatever it is they do when they aren’t with us).

  39. My Human is home too damn much in the summertime (she’s a teacher). In fact, she drives me kind of crazy.

    You can have her if you want.

  40. excellent point ernie.

  41. Sorry your mom had to go back to work. My mom goes back soon, and I am very upset about it. Glad you two are taking care of each other.

  42. We wish the mom wud not has to go day huntin either. But isnt it great when dey is home and can do all dat stuffs?

  43. My human is home most of the time now and I am just kinda spoiled and I go into a swan dive she says if she goes away for a weekend.

  44. Sorry boys, mom’s gotta do what mom’s gotta do!

  45. It is too bad your mom’s staycation is over. Mom’s should get to have longer staycations to take care of the kitties who need them at home!!

  46. We are sure your mom misses you both today. Give her lots of kisses when she gets home.

  47. These humans need to work out their priorities, to be sure!!

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