Easy E Sunday

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Jul 112010

Hey!  Down here!!  You see me??
Check out my new summer mancat cave!!
It’s got a roof on it which makes it feel like a cave…
but the open sides provide
air conditioning for these hot summer days!!


Oh yeah…
I got it made!!!

  32 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Yeah! And I bet you don’t think anybody can see you.

    Sper Sunday, Ernie, Wally and Zoey!

  2. Oops, SUPER, not sper

  3. That’s a great ManCave!! Enjoy it!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Mum laughed at the words on your cushion!! That is a nice ManCave hiding place but make sure you give your Mom a hint that you’re there at dinner time!

  5. Pawsome mancave Ernie! Then in the winter you can spread out that blankie so it covers up all the sides and you can stay nice and snuggley warm inside.

  6. That is a super Man cave Ernie. We love the pillow on the chair. Great place to hide too.
    Have a great Sunday, all of you.

  7. That really is the purrfect ManCave with air conditioning!!!

  8. Nice cave Ernie and we really like that pillow too!

  9. You are smart to discover that summer caves need to be different than winter caves! Enjoy your snooze Ernie!

  10. Ernie
    YOu know how to pick em!
    BTW we love the saying on the pillow!


  11. That’s a purrfect mancat cave, Ernie; especially since it is air conditoned!…We LOVE the pillow, it made Mom LOL!…Happy Sunday beautiful boy…kisses x3 sweet friends…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. This is a great cave – nice and airy and it’s defendable from all sides too! (VERY important!)

    P.S. We love your cushion!

  13. That is one pawsome summer mancat cave.

    We’re hosting a Super Sunday Giveaway. Come see

  14. You do !!

    My Meredith has one of those. It’s a chair in my bathroom that I put a towel over. She is always under it. I even will feed her there so that she doesn’t have to move.

  15. Perfect! All the benefits of a cave, but no one can sneak up on you!

  16. We luf the pillow!!!!!

    Luf, Us

  17. Nice cave but we like the cushion onthe chair a lot!

  18. That’s a neat cave Ernie! Mommy says she thinks it’s more like a Cat Cabana, but Mommy knows NOTHING about caves, seeing how she’s not a ManCat!
    (thank goodness! who would feed us?)

  19. Ernie, you are lucky to have such a cool Mancat cave!

  20. I hope you are able to keep your mancave for a while, but knowing the mom, it won’t stay there long.

  21. Purrect find, Ernie! You’ve certainly got the smarts and you put them to good use.

  22. That is one cool Mancave Ernie! We really like the pillow too!

  23. That is a great mancave. We like the cushion too.

  24. Pawsome Mancave Ernie 🙂
    That’s the way to beat the heat!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the b’day & gotcha wishes too 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Oh yeah nice mancave nice and open but has “gates” to keep out the unwanteds

  26. That looks like a very nice mancat cave, Ernie!

  27. Oh, yeah, you do have it made!

  28. We’re digging your man cave.

  29. Ernie you are quite resourceful.

  30. We larfed and larfed at the cushion! We love yoor mancave though.

  31. Come out of your cave and cheer! You won the big woolly ball!

  32. Yeah dat’s a cool spot speshully cuz of da purrfect pillow on dat top wif da ‘We got rid of da kids’ sayin. Dat’s way funny! Congrats on winnin yur wooly ball. Yoo gonna haf to come owt of yur cave an play soon.

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