Jul 092010

It’s Wash Day!!
Paws make the best wash cloths!!

Gotta make sure I get my ears!!

Ears are tricky, y’know
they need extra attention!!

Oops!  I think I might’ve overdid it!!
I rubbed my ear right off!!!

  46 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Wash Day”

  1. OMC ware iz your ear? You be carefuls or you mite wash off your other one


    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, no! Best not to be so vigorous in your washing, Zoey!

    Happy weekend to you all!

  4. Zoey – don’t rub your other ear off too – have you found the one that came off perhaps your mom can fix it back on for you.

  5. Oh my goodness! We did not know that washing was such a dangerous activity!

  6. don’t worry, it’ll grow back.

  7. Hee hee! Good one Zoey!

  8. Oh no! You better get that fixed–ears are really important!

  9. Did you turn your ear inside out? That is funny.

  10. Hi Zoey,
    I hate it when I lose a body part while bathing. Maybe your paw had invisible soap on it.
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  11. How beautiful you look now to start off the weekend Zoey! We wash each other’s ears a couple times a day which then turns into a smackdown. hehehe!

  12. Dear Zoey,
    You are doing such a great job with your beuaty bath!Cute !
    Happy Friday

  13. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! We’re on our way to your house to help you find your ear!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  14. Whoa Zoey! Dirty ears are better than no ears so better be careful with the other one!

  15. Oh, Oh… Hope that ear grows back soon.

  16. It works really well if you can get someone to lick the inside of your ears!

  17. Hee Hee – you are so silly Zoey!

    We hope you all have a great weekend!

  18. Zoey
    YOU are a super duper baff taker!
    Especially around those ears.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Now that’s what I call clean, you washed your ear CLEAN away! HaHaHaHaHa, I crack me up!

  20. You look all clean and pretty now.

  21. Oh-No you is only half a froo! I’m sure you’ll find it, how far could it have gone?
    Has a great weekend Island kitties!

  22. We have washed our ears inside out but never clear off!!! Whew, that’s scary=^Y^=

  23. You are still beautiful…even with one ear 🙂

  24. LOL, oh my gosh, your ear is gone. Where did it go??? Hope it comes back. Have a great week end.

  25. Oh..no! I hope they can re-attach your ear. You must be an over achiever! Have a great weekend and keep us posted about that ear.

  26. Oh no, I hope your missing ear pops up somewhere!!! Y’all have a wonderful weekend!

  27. That must have hurt, Zoey; hope they can reattach it!…Happy weekend beautiful girl…kisses x3 sweet friends…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  28. Hee Hee! Don’t let our Mommy see that…she hot glues everything!

  29. I feel bad for humans – they have hands instead of paws, so they need extra equipment to wash properly.

  30. Oh no! We hope you find your ear again.

  31. Excellent wash session Zoey! Well, except for the part about the ear.
    We love the new birdbath!

  32. We hope that ear shows up soon!

  33. OOhhh, you are real good at that! Thanks for the tips 🙂 We’ll be sure not to wash our ears off.

  34. Oh my gosh!! Your ear has disappeared!! Did it fall off in the washing????? Hehehehehehe!!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  35. How did ya get yer tail ta do that round look? Thats really cool!

  36. OMC! Yoo didn’t reely did yoo? We’re NEVER gonna wash again!

  37. Ha Ha!! The PM loves it when one of us does that. Too cute!!!

  38. I hope your ear grows back soon Zoey!

  39. This is too, too cute! I have never done that , yet.

  40. Oh noes…find that ear and ask mommy to stick it back ON!

  41. It is Saturday … time for a bath!

  42. Yikes! How did you wash your ear off? Is there an online store where you can get another???

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  43. I think your ear will prolly grow back, Zoey! That was an excellent demonstration of washing technique!

    (Tell Wally there’s a picture of his little namesake on my blog today!)

  44. MOL! Oh noes, where did your ear go?

  45. Oh Dear! Where is it? Did you ever finds it again?

  46. Wow – it really looks like your ear is missing! Temporary I hope!

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