Jul 082010

It’s Garden Day again!!


Hey, Ernie!!
Didja see we got a new bird bath?!?

 Yeah, Wally!
And all the birdies are loving it!!!


Hey, was that robin just doing the backstroke??!? 

Our mom had a great time volunteering for P.A.W.S. of Michigan at the Street Fair yesterday.  She said it was hotter than “H-E-double hockey sticks,” but a lotta nice people stopped by to talk and make donations and look at all the cute kitties and woofies entered in the photo contest.  We won’t know how much monies was raised and the results of the photo contest until this weekend when the fair is over.  We’re hoping one of us wins!!!

  39 Responses to “Thursday in Our Garden”

  1. You have the best channels on TV!

  2. Those birdies look so happy in the water!

    We’re purring that one of you win the photo contest this year!

  3. Your bird bath looks just right for that robin, and gives you extra fun stuff to watch!

  4. Great photos! We’re trying to talk our mom into getting a real bird bath too – the birds need the water so much right now. And many PURRS to your mom for helping out P.A.W.S. – we are so glad to hear that the fair was a success. And we hope that one of you wins the photo contest!

  5. How cool! Your garden is beautiful and the birds bath place is adorable!
    Good luck dear friends, I hope you win!
    purrs and love

  6. Wow! That there is what our garden is missing. A bird trap……. we mean bath, yeah, a bird bath, for the little birdies

  7. We have a birdie bath, but unless it rains, mom and dad forget to fill it with water! Slackers!

    Purrs to your mom for volunteering!

  8. Pawsome bird bath! You are so lucky to have terrific kitty TV like that!

    Good luck in the photo contest and we hope lots of $$$$ is raised!

  9. you guys will have the cleanest birds in the neighborhood.

  10. That birdbath makes the view from your window a very prized spot. Are you boys going to let Zoey get a look in or is a mancat thing?

  11. We have a bird bath, but it’s under a stand of pine trees on the side of the house with no windows for us to see! That’s just wrong!

  12. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!!! You have a new birdie channel….concats!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  13. I think that Robin was doing the backstroke. We sure hope one of you wins too. Your Mom is so great to do all that even with being on the warm side. Hope you have a great day with your new bird TV.

  14. Oooh, what a nice new birdbath! The Robin seems very happy.

    Glad the PAWS event went well yesterday. Cheers to your Mom for helping out!

  15. Wow, what a great bird bath! We are sure the fundraiser is a success–hope one of you wins the picture contest!

  16. Great fev-ver TV channel and they can play water sports! How exciting!!

    Sounds like the fundraiser was successful.
    That was ggggg-rrrrreat!


  17. Oh a new bird bath – how exciting! It will be so fun to watch the birds that hang out in there!

    And it is great that your mom had a good time at the street fair – even though it was hot! We hope that one of you is the winner in the contest!!

  18. Wow that birdbath looks good. That bird sure is lucky.

  19. You guys have great Bird TV; we’re sure those birds are very thankful for their new bird bath in this heat!…kisses and hugs sweet friends…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Wally and Ernie we hope your robins are as dirty as our robins. Mom says every time the bath the water is the same color as their breast….I told her they were fading she said no is was dirt from their foraging for worms…Moms know everything don’t they…MOL

    We’re glad your Mom had fun yesterday we are having hockey stick weather too.
    Mom thought she was the only one who called it he double hockey sticks. HA
    Madi and Mom

  21. That’s one happy birdie! He’s lucky you 2 are inside 😉

  22. It’s good that your humans are helping living things, cats and birds alike. Keep cool!

  23. Rockin’ robin, tweet, tweet, tweet!

  24. Love the bird bath, They sure look like they are having fun. Glad the fair was so much fun.

  25. oooo a marinading bowl. maybe you can talk your mommy into adding some BBQ sauce to it. ha ha ha Yeah, mine wouldn’t go for it either

  26. What a cool picture! I think the robin IS doing the backstroke–and you guys, have a wonderful channel to view!!


  27. What? The live fev-vers have their own swimming pool!!!

  28. That bird is enjoying his bath. Good luck with the photo competition.

  29. We have a birdie bath in our yard too. It’s fun watching them all drink and take baths and Mom has even been remembering to fill it every day!

  30. Yum… a floating restaruant!

  31. That must be so fun to watch the birdies taking a bath! It’s always best to make sure your food, we mean birdies, are clean!

    Purrs to your mom for helping out at the event and good luck with the photo contest!

  32. They are so very plump!

  33. The birds must really appreciate the water! Good luck in the contest!

  34. Hello, Mister Robin! Is that bath cool!

  35. Bird TV just got better – wow!

  36. That’s a fab noo bird bath ~ and well done to yoor mom.

  37. Cute pics, good luck with the contest, and good job to your mom!

  38. Our upright birdbath cracked before we came here, but the plant pots in the pond attract a lot of birdies an they seem ta love it. Mebbe it is time ta get a birdbathie of our own so they would feel safer higher up…

  39. I’m gonna ask mommy to change our channel. I see squirrels and goldfinches. They aren’t as plump as a Robin!

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