Jul 052010

 Whew!  It sure has been hot
the last couple of days, huh, Ernie??

Yeah, Wally…good thing we’re inside
and the cold air blowing thingy’s on!!

But do you really hafta cool off your bits??

Yay!!  Our mom is taking a staycation this week!!
We love having her home with us!!

  45 Responses to “Mancats Chat”

  1. LOL! But it feels so good to have the breeze blowing up your…butt. 😀

    We hope your mom has a wonderful staycation!

  2. Ernie – just be pleased Wally isn’t laying on the window sill like that showing the world all his bits!! Enjoy your Mom’s staycation.

  3. We think the fruit bowl is getting the worst of it, Ernie!

    Yay for a staycation! We hope you have fun and that you had an awesome 4th of July holiday!

  4. We think Wally should get to pose anyway he wants to – he always looks cute! And YAY for staycations!

  5. Ooooooooh… staycations are so great. Have a wonderful time.

  6. That’s a great picture. MOL!

  7. Mom loves to see other peoples’ cats lying on the dining room table. Only cat owners “get it”.

  8. MOL, Wally, a mancats gotta do what a mancats gotta do to stay cool!!!!

    We were without air conditioning for a day and a half this weekend and staying cool was almost impossible. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. What is it with you mancats…oh nevermind, my sister Ginger does that too! Silly kitties!

    Staycations are the best!!!!

  10. My mom is home with me too, but she can’t do too much because her shoulder is still in a sling.

  11. Hope u had a pawsome 4th~!!!

  12. You both are so cute!I need to say that I love tables as well, it’s a cool place for a nap!

  13. Ernie, you are the funny boy, that is for sure. Wally is just cooling his whole body. That is great that Mom is having a staycation. What fun for all of you.
    Have a super week.

  14. Must keep the bits cool! MOL!

    Have a great staycation with your mom!!!

  15. Scylla likes to air her private parts too. She is very immodest.

  16. Y’all understand the true meaning of comfy!

  17. Hey, I’m airing my tummy out today too! We must have gotten the “orange cat” memo! ~Connor

  18. Amen to air conditioning…our tems in NC are gradually climbing each day this week topping out at 100 Wed….OMC thank goodness we are inside ONLY kitties.
    Have tons of fun with your Mom!!
    Hugs Madi

  19. That’s a great piece of news — you’ve got your Mom home with you and the coolie box on!

    *woo hoo*


  20. MOL! Sometimes you gotta open up your furz and air it all out!

  21. So lucky to be inside with the cold air machine!
    Yay for your mom on staycation! We hope she enjoys her time off and you enjoy your time with her. Mom’s staycation ends tonight 🙁

  22. What a cool place for such handsome mancats!

  23. Staycations can be fun! We’re MOL at cooling off your bits!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  24. Hey, a cat’s gotta cool out in any way possible. I think Wally’s pose is perfectly fine.

  25. It is great to have your Mom home with you, we hope you have a great time.

  26. That’s quite a pose Wally! Have fun with mom this week!

  27. That’s right Wally, let it all hang out.

  28. we has the hots here too. our mommeh does not get a staycation though, you are SOOOOOOOOO luckeh.

  29. Yes our bits, or what is left of them need to be kept cool.

  30. Staycation is the BEST!!! I wish my SS would consider that rather than going off every time.

  31. HAHAHA – Wally, you look so funny!! But hey, when you’re hot, you’re hot!!

    Hope you had a Happy 4th!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  32. We just wonder who’s going to eat that fruit now? Hope you boys stay cool and hope your mom enjoys her staycation!

  33. *averting eyes*

  34. We cool our bits that way too! MOL!

  35. um… yeah… maybe ernie is right and you should cool your bits in private.

  36. Love it! But Ernie does have a point about the “cool bits!”

  37. MOL!!…We love that uh, belly shot, Wally!!hehe…We’ve missed visiting with you handsome boys and beautiful Zoey…Thanks to your Mom for the kind comments on our blog today…kisses x3 sweet friends…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  38. Staycations are the best!!! Love the show Wally!

  39. Gotta stay cool any way you can…nice tummy Wally!

  40. My furs is all opened up and I always show off my bits in the breeze. I have bno modesty at all mommy says. Must be because I am a sea faring girl.

  41. Yay for staycations and yay for cold air blowey things! It is hot here too and I’m staying inside doing the same thing as you!

  42. That is great! Showing it all off! You must be very hots!

  43. You still have bits, Wally?! If we had them, we’d let them hang out too.

    George & Max

  44. When it is hotted outside, ya cool whatever ya need when inside… MOL!

  45. Very cute cats.
    Do they like sun beams?

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