Jul 022010

I’m doing a little neighborhood watching again.  Hmmmm…not much going on today.  I wish some birdies would fly by or something…

Oh yeah, the lady with the yellow hair reminded me that I was born around this time of year…which makes me 3 years old now!!  But I don’t remember much about my early days…I think my life really began when I was gotcha’ed and brought to live here on the Island.  Even though I don’t remember my birthday exactly, I still think I should get some extra stinky goodness…and treats…LOTS of treats. 

Now where’s those birdies???

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  1. Happy Birthday! We agree, stinky goodness and extra treats are in order!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. We think that means it’s time to party! Happy Birthday, Zoey! We agree that you’re very lucky to be living on the island!

  3. The birds ought to come and tweet happy birthday to you Zoey. Extra treats are a must for a birthday girl.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear!!!

  5. Zoey, our dear, happy gotcha day or happy birthday…the wish is still the same. We wish you a huge happy day. Filled with lots of treats and fun things to do. Love the way you are sitting there. Your coat is just beautiful!

  6. Zoey you are so right the first day of our lives was the day we went home with our peeps…we are so lucky. Happy Day sweet beautiful friend.
    My, my you are very agile in the picture 1/2 on the perch 1/2 on the sill.
    Happy Weekend,

  7. Well Happy Birthday Zoey. Guess we need to wait til your gotcha day to really celebrate. Hope some birdies come along for you. Hope you have a good day and hope the lady with the yellow hair does too. Have a great week end.

  8. Ask your Mom and Dad to establish July 1 as your birthday. It is easy to remember. Yes, you definitely should get treats and extr foodies. Have a great weekend!

  9. Happy Purrthday, Zoey! We hope you get LOTS of treats (and we hope some birdies eventually flew by that window, too)!

  10. Since you don’t know the exact date, it’s only fair that you get extra skritches and treats every day for the next month or so, just so you don’t miss it.

  11. happy birthday. hope a bird flies by in celebration.

  12. A very Happy Birthday to you! Hopefully something fun will happen outside your window! Have a great weekend sweetie.

  13. Have a happy birthday! We hope those birdies give you a good show!

  14. Happy Birthday, Zoey! We are so glad you came to live on the Island!

  15. Happy Birthday Zoey! Most of our actual birth dates are estimates, too. It would be nice to talk our Moms into more than one birthday a year…think of the treats!

  16. Well, Happy Birthday to you, you look wonderful on your watch spot!

  17. Happy Birthday! *sneaks in some tuna* we can party and watch birdies all day long!

  18. Happy Birthday! Wiv owt doubt yoo shud get lotsa treats! It’s only fair!

  19. Happy Birthday – get those birdies! Happy 4th of July to all of you too.

  20. Happy birthday, Zoey! We think you should get treats and extra food all month since your mom doesn’t know the exact day!

  21. Happy birthday, Zoey! None of us knows for certain when our birthdays are, either, but that’s okay. You just pick a day and party! 🙂

  22. Happy Close-Enuff Birthday! Bring on the birdies!

  23. Happy Purrday Big Girl!!!

  24. Happy Birthday Zoey! More Treats, More Treats, More Treats.
    Has a great Birthday weekend.

  25. Happy Birf-Gotcha Day, Zoey! I can’t ‘member nuffing about my very early days either–but my Human says I am six now and that sounds about right!

  26. Happy Maybe Birthday sweet Zoey! Three is a very good year.

  27. Happy Birthday Zoey! We hope you get lotsa, lotsa treats!

  28. Happy Birthday, Zoey! Birdie watching on your birthday is great fun! But you also need lots of treats to keep up your strength!

  29. Zoey, Happy 3rd Birthday/Gotcha Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You look so lovely 🙂 You certainly are in the right home 😉
    Now,tell the lady with yellow hair that you DO indeed deserve more treats!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  30. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

    Please tell everyone there thank you for visiting and reading about Little Meow’s search for a forever home today. She is still looking… so every bit of spreading the word helps! I know we can find her the BEST home. Thank you!!!

  31. Happy Birthday Zoey! You are livin’ the good life now!

  32. Happy 3rd birthday! We love to watch the birdies too.

  33. Happy Sorta Birthday! Of course you should get treats and toys today (and every other day too!).

  34. You should definatley get some treats. Happy gotcha month (make it a month so your get heaps of treats! )

  35. Happy Birthday Zoey…be patient…the birds will come:)

  36. Happy birthday Zoey!

  37. What a most handsome watch kittie you are. Nothing will get by you.
    Happy birthday sweetie.

    Thanks for coming to my daddie’s surprise birthday party. It was fun to surprise him big time!!

  38. Happy Birthday. What a stunning cat you are. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

  39. Happy Birthday, Zoey! We agree, lots and lots of treats are in order for such a special occasion.

  40. Happy bdays ; *
    Wishing you a million birds to fly by!

    Love the Wally movie!!

  41. Happy purrday Zoey.
    We agree the better days are to come and you are so fortunate to have found such a warm and loving forever home.


  42. Happy Birthday and come see the awardie for all of you that me and mommy are learning how to do, (mommy is soooo slow a learner!) She will help me as she struggles along (I think she’s not to swift in the computer department) to make more awardies.

    Purrs for your birthday!

  43. Hi Island Cats, thanks for visiting me on Friday. Happy Birthday Zoey 🙂 I can’t believe how much your brother Wally looks like my Archie! I hope Archie’s tail fills out as nicely as Wally’s when he becomes a mancat.

  44. I willz bring some extra treetsez dats I haz cooked up fur your gotcha day Zooey!!! Abouts 986 poundz of nip noodlez!

  45. Hi there Zoey…we are a bit late, but Happy Birthday to you furriend! Hope you had a fabulous day birdie watching.

  46. Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day Zoey! We agree with you, that is why my birthday and Gotcha Day are the same day too. Our lives began when we came to live in our loving forever homes.
    We hope you had the best day celebrating Zoey.

  47. Happy Birthday, Zoey! We are so glad you have such a wonderful home.

  48. Bonjour Zoey, happy Birthday all love and fabulous treats for you in this special day!
    You are adorable watching the neighborhoods!
    Any bird outside today?
    Love you

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