Jun 302010

 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

I love my nip tomato!
(Okay…you might think it’s an apple…but to me, it’s a tomato!!)

So, I made a little movie to show you how much I love it!!
Grab some nip popcorn and enjoy!!



  47 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally that was a super movie. We really enjoyed it. You took care of that tomato and the mousie too. Well done. Hope you have a great day playing with that tomato.

  2. Wally, you’re so adorable with your tomato! We didn’t even touch our popcorn, we couldn’t look away.

  3. Haha! Did that mousie take you by surprise?

  4. Tomatoes are the best! I think you have a future in film!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. You sure do love your tomato Wally 🙂

  6. Bravo! Wally you looked like you have given that Tomato a work over once or twice before.

  7. That was an action packed movie – we think it will be nominated for an Oscar – mousie must be in the running for best supporting actor.

  8. that was a great mofie!!!!

  9. Wally you are a Star!!! Mom always asked me why I’m so easily distracted she has even accused me of needing to be medicated. Now I have proof it is a cat thing…called curiosity not a human thing that needs medication.


  10. Sweet Wally
    You are a big star!I love this movie and the co participation of Tomato, it’s wonderful!

  11. We think it’s a tomato too! Will watch your movie later when mom gets home!

  12. You are nothing short of adorable, Wally!!!!!! We nominate you for an acatemy award for your video. xxxxxxxxxx

  13. I love how you hold your tomato with both paws. Great movie!

  14. That was a great video…loved the pause for dramatic effect in the middle, before Mousie came out. I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting!

  15. That was EPIC Wally! And two co-stars!!!

  16. That was a great movie Wally! Your tomato is so cool – and you did a great job of biteying it – and that mousie too!

  17. What a cool tomato! And that mousie never stood a chance!

  18. Wow… now there are nip tomatoes… We have nip bananas, rats, and now tomatoes. I just can’t keep up with all the nip veggies…

  19. Wow, that’s one nice tomato!

  20. Oh, Wally, your tomato crop is coming in nicely!

  21. Wally
    Mr Tomato must be filled with the “good” stuff!
    And a added surprised — a mousie–boy you were in luck to have two great toys to play with.


  22. You really love that tomato but showed affection to mousie, too!

  23. What could be better than a catnip tomato? A catnip tomato AND a mousie!

  24. I didn’t know you liked veggies!

  25. Awww, love it, Wally. You take such great video, too. Looks like that tomato really is fun to play with.

  26. You really do love that tomato don’t you Wally. I feel the same about my nippy carrot.

  27. That was a great movie Wally! We love seeing you in action and you are so cute holding onto your tomato!

  28. Oh Wally that was wonderful!

  29. MOL that looks fun! Nom that mattteo!

  30. Wally’s world, loved seeing it!!!=^Y^=

  31. Gee, that was really a good movie! I wish I had a tomato like that!

  32. Wally, my friend, you are easily distracted!

  33. That is some pawsome nip in dat tomato! No wonder yoo loves it so much…. NIP NIP NIP!!

  34. Wally, that was a pawsome video! And we couldn’t help but notice that yoor scratch-box-thingy is …. erm … well used!

  35. I’m gonna make mom pop some popcorn and we’re gonna watch it again! You just love that tomato so much it makes us purrrr….

  36. very entertaining. clearly the tomato was method acting.

  37. Great video! We gotta nip nana and carrot!

  38. PAWSOME video, Wally! We can tell you absolutely love that nip tomato!

    We love your cat scratch lounge, too … those are the best. 🙂

  39. Wally, the video is adorable! Our mom thinks you look even more like Dobby in motion – except Dobby doesn’t have a tomato :).

    P.S. We think “Stella” is a great plant but our mom gave ours away because she got tired of seeing them in the median strips all over town! She planted “Happy Returns” instead, but it’s not as much of a rebloomer as Stella (serves her right!)

  40. The nip drives Wally crazy, hee hee hee~

  41. Award winning performance. And kudos to Mousie too.

  42. Its a tamater ta us iffen it is a tamater ta you. Love.

  43. Good noming my friend!!

  44. That tomato looks like a great toy. How nice of mousie to join the fun too!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  45. Tomato…apple…who cares!! As long as it ‘s filled with ‘nip that’s all that matters.


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  47. we love the tomato too!!!

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