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Jun 272010

I don’t get to go outside very much…and you wanna know why??  Because when I go out, all I wanna do is roll around on the patio.  And I get dirts and stuff all in my furs and my mom says “Stop rolling around…you’re getting all dirty!!”  Even when she puts me in the grass, I make a bee-line over to the patio and start rolling around like a cat possessed.

I don’t know what it is about that patio, but I sure like rolling on it!  And I like getting dirts all in my furs!!  But now mom says “No more outside for you!!”  She ruins all my fun!!  Maybe she should try rolling on the patio…she might like it, too!!

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  1. Hi Ernie…tell Mom Boys just want to have fun!!! HA We bet you are getting an ultimate back scratch on the pavers. I never go out we have a gazillion fleas in NC due to the hot humid weather and it never gets cold enough in the winter to kill are the flea larve…Mom read one time those little suckers can live for nearly a year. booo
    Happy Sunday
    Madi and Mom

  2. MOL, if you get your Mom to roll on the patio make sure YOU have the flashy box!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Patio rolling sounds like a great new sport.

  4. Ernie, Madi and Mom said what I was going to. It’s a free back scratch…an all over scratch. Just feels so good to roll on a raspy surface doesn’t it?

    Oh yes..keep that flashy box thingy handy now.

  5. What is the point of having pavers if you’re not allowed to roll on them?

  6. Oh my we do want pictures of Mom rolling on the patio. You just have to roll on the Patio Ernie. It is a just a cool place to roll around. We will come roll around with you.
    Have a great Sunday

  7. You might consider joining patio rollers anonymous…

  8. Dirt rolling is one of the greatest joys in life!

  9. Ernie, you are welcome here to roll wherever you like, any time. We’re always getting dirty, but our human just brushes us off…and does A LOT of vacuuming. MOL!

  10. Oh, guess what? When I go Outside on my harness and leash, the first thing Id o is roll around on the patio pavers, too!

  11. Tell your mum that rolling around feels wonderful, we love to do it. When we roll in the earth, mum says it makes our coats feel silkier. We like rolling on the concrete too for a good back scratching.

  12. I don’t go out at all, but if I did I am pretty sure I would do the same thing!

  13. Sometimes bricks just have the right texture to roll on–I mean you need to get those spots just right, right?

  14. Your mama should loosen up a little — a little dirt never hurt anyone! I must say, I don’t understand either though, why kitties like to roll around on brick or concrete rather than nice soft grass. Maybe it’s because grass stains are harder to get out.

  15. I roll around on the concrete occasionally not much. Mom thinks its cause I gots an itch I just cant scratch

  16. Well, I think you are so lucky….I like to explore outside…of course I need to use leash, but I don’t mind…it’s cool!
    You are so cute in this picture, all you need now it’s a good nap!
    purrs and happy week

  17. we do the same thing here MOL

  18. Good to know I don’t have the only cat who loves to roll around on pavement. Our white Angel tries to sneak out to the front step and will quickly roll around on the cement. When I try to brush him off before he is unwillingly brought back inside, he struggles to get back on the cement to pick up even more “scrunchies” on his soft fur!

  19. We are gonna save up some green papers…we would pay for a video of your Mom rolling on the pavers! Yup, we would! At least 4 green papers…that oughta be enough.

  20. Of course you get dirty, that’s what makes it so much fun. And then you get to clean yourself afterwards, that also fun. It’s just a win win situation for us cats.

  21. Ernie
    You gotta tell your Mom how much fun it is to be in the dirt.
    It’s just a cat thing!


  22. What’s wrong with getting a little dirty? Moms are party poopers.

  23. My mom won’t let me go outside and she can’t stand for me to get dirty!

  24. We don’t go outside, so we have no point of comparison, but you sure look comfy!! If we did go out, we’re sure our Mom wouldn’t like us to get dirty either… Wonder why? What’s the big deal??

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  25. Maybe she should just clean the patio better before you go out there.

  26. We roll on the patio all the time too. Where’s the harm in that? We fink yoo should file a complaint and INSIST on being allowed owt! We will sign yoor petition if yoo get one!

  27. Hey, Ernie, we gots those good paver-fingies too, and my Ant Marjie lets me go owt there EFURRY day to roll arownd on them! Then she even lets me eat some grass cos I love it so much. We did get some fleezers too, but we got the advantij stuff to get rids of them. Aks yore mom to wipe you reel kwik wif a wet cloff befor you comes inside, that shood get most of the dirt off.

    Yore frend Buddy

  28. i would give you ALL my tem-tay-shuns if you could get your mommeh to do that and get it on video.

  29. I Love Dirt!!!–David

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