Jun 252010

It’s Femme Friday!!
(which was started by our furiend, Jazdia!)

How’s this for a glamour shot??


  47 Responses to “Formerly Feral Femme Friday”

  1. Wow Zoey, that is a VERY glamorous shot of you, beautiful lady.

  2. You’re pretty as a picture, Zoey!

  3. We think there will be a queue of gentleman cat callers at your door this afternoon – Wally and Ernie will have to issue them with tickets at the door.

  4. Zooey, you are a beautiful, glamorous lady cat.

  5. They don’t come more glamorous than you, Zoey! Happy Femme Friday!

    And thanks to everyone for helping Derry celebrate his birthday yesterday; he had a great time! 🙂

  6. You are quite a glamourpuss Zoey!

  7. Very glamorous!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Very glamorous. Femme Friday is a great idea.

  9. You are definitely a gorgeous and glamorous ladycat, Zoey!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  10. Woo hoo, Zoey. If we could whistle, we’d do it. Very foxy looking.

  11. You are truly very glamorous, Zoey…..every day!!

  12. What a lovely diva shot, Zoey!

  13. That certainly is a wonderful glam shot. Very Femme Friday if you ask me…

  14. I think it is purrfect!

  15. wow She is adorable posing in this comfortable spot!
    Cute picture!
    purrs and Happy weekend

  16. Happy Friday, Zoey. You look gorgeous today!

    P.S. Tasha wants to do Femme Friday too but the boys said that she already took Tuesday so it wouldn’t be fair (she disagrees.)

  17. WOOT! WOOT! Fabulous!

  18. Zoey what a beautiful pose…those runway models better watch out there is one Gorgeous girl coming to take over the runways…lovely pose and such fluffy
    Happy Weekend,

  19. Oh my goodness. Oooo la LAAAAA!

  20. Oh my that is a gorgeous femme for this Fri. Our Mom forgot about femme Fri. She will have to make it up next Fri. Zoey you do look terrific.
    Have a really fine week end.

  21. Oh that is total glamor fur sure!

  22. You are very glamorous, dahling. You’re such a pretty cat, Zoey!

  23. Zoey, even though I’m an old guy, I still think you look hot!

  24. ::thud::

    That was Maui. Poor guy doesn’t know what hit him! Zoey, you are the Cat’s Meow in feline beauty.

  25. thanks to the shoutout and pawticipating! you are a VERY bootiful girl and should always get a day in the limelight!

  26. Whoa Zoey! You are very glamorous! All the boys are going to go crazy!

  27. Wha a femme fatale you are Zoey!

  28. You couldn’t look more like a queen even if you wore a crown.

  29. Zoey, you are a stunning vision, just gorgeous, sweetie!…Our Mommy has to leave due to family illness/surgery, but we hope you guys will still visit with us (she scheduled posts a week ahead)…Happy weekend sweet friends…kisses x3…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  30. You look so relaxed, Zoey — and it looks like you’re smiling! You certainly are a very feminine ladycat — purrfect for a Femme Friday!

  31. VERY glamorous!

  32. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  33. Both glamorous and relaxed – a very difficult combination to achieve, but you did it!

  34. Marvelous job. You look gorgeous and confident.

  35. Glamor-puss! Also, very nice Happy Cat expression.

  36. You are a glamour girl!

  37. Good Grief Zoey, those toe tufts! They are enormous, did you have a stylist come in and fluff them up for you?

    Whicky Wuudler

  38. I’m totally slain by your floofness, Zoey!

  39. Very glam! Happy blog hop!

    Your pal, Pip

  40. You look very glamorous, Zoey! We love your toe-hawks!

  41. That is super glam!!!

  42. VERY glamorus Zoey! The best we’ve seen…

  43. Looking quite floofy and fabulous!

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