Tabby Tailsday!

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Jun 222010

I like how my tail matches the floor…

I’m still on the lookout for that introoder-cat!!  We think it has a home on the next street over, but it gets to roam around the neighborhood doing whatever it wants…like coming on our porch.  And peeing on stuff!  Yeah, we think it peed on our garbage and got into the garage and walked all over the dad-guy’s car!!  Now if that isn’t rude, what is???

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  1. We think it was nice of your Mom to have floors to match your furs!! We hope the introoder stays away.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. I think one of you needs to get out there and show that intruder what’s what. You’ll have to plan your escape carefully though.

  3. Your tail does match purrfectly with the floor!

    Hmm, perhaps that introoder is an unneutered male? If so, a pox on his humans for letting him roam unaltered! But we wonder if a well-fed house cat would get into garbage? We have introoder cats here too, one of which was getting into our own garbage on collection day. Our human thought it must be abandoned or a stray, so she started putting food out. Now we have everyone eating on our door step, but our garbage bags have remained intact…so far.

  4. Our introoder (his name is Charlie) pees on stuff around our house too. He thinks our yard is his territory! He also asks for food even though his humans feed him plenty. Dobby thinks Charlie is really rude but our humans (and Franklin!) are nice to him anyway.

    P.S. good job on the floor match! Dobby can do that too 🙂

  5. Wally I’m 100% sure your Mom and Dad absolutely meant to match the floor to your lovely tail!!!

    As for rude introoders…they are the worst and unfortunately they have rude two leggers who don’t see that their pets stay home and don’t destroy other folks property. My g-ma had a very beautiful chaise lounge on her porch…she started noticing the cushion was getting holes in it..lo and behold they went out one morning to find an introoder on it sharpening his claws…tore that cushion up. Keep up your vigil.

  6. That is so great that your tail matches the floor. What nice beans to make that happen. That introooder should not be going in your garage. Who ever owns it, should make it stay home. That is very rude of the introooder. Hope he does go away or at least back to his house.
    Have a great day.

  7. It is quite rude, we think so, but perhaps outside kittehs see these things differently. We do get a little bit upset when we see them around our house though.

  8. Which came first… your tail or the floor? Did your food human put in the floor to match your tail, or did your food human adopt you to match the floor? Either way, your tail is beautiful.

  9. Well…we have a soft spot for introoders…cause sometimes they need us. If they don’t need us we want them out of our yard!!! Unless they help Jonesie with gardening tasks.

  10. yeah intruders that pee on stuff are not good.

  11. Uh oh. Did he leave pee prints on the car?

  12. We cannot believe how rude that introoder cat is. He needs a good whappypaw on the backside!

  13. Great tail.

    That other cat sounds like RUDERcat.

  14. We have a new intruder cat in our neighborhood too. He mainly likes to walk all over our garden and stalk the birds that use our feeder. We think there’s plenty to do inside the house and cats should stay inside unless they are being supervised by their parents.

  15. Did your Mom and Dad choose the floor so your floof would not show up so much!!

  16. The floor is definitely color coordinated to you, Wally!!!!!!

    Someone needs to teach that introoder some manners….possibly a job for Ernie the Whappinator?????


  17. Introoders are one thing, but introoders that pee on your stuff is a big big issue!!!

  18. Your Mom must have picked that floor just for you

  19. That is very rude of that intruder. I think you should be allowed to go out and pee in his garbage…

  20. That was thoughtful of your humans to match the floor with your tail, Wally. Maybe you need to talk to the intruder cat’s humans and explain that he should be in your yard–or outside at all, for that matter!

  21. LOL how cute!You are good in camouflage!

  22. uh-ohhhhs, that is DEFINITELY rude! i unnerstands how you feel about this, cause we just had an introoder here too!!!

  23. You are doing a great job watching out for him, Wally; we’re sure he will be scared off when he sees you giving him the evil eye, sweetie!…Hey, your tail really does match the floor=how cool is that?!!…kisses handsome boy…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  24. Oh no, not the old pee trick…yep, it happens!

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  26. Sounds like intruder cat may need a spay or a neuter!
    ps – your tail rocks!

  27. One of our neighbour cats will occasionally walk all over #1’s car, leaving paw marks up and down it. We find this to be very rude behaviour!

    Very nice tail, by the way!

  28. OMC! Wally, you are very hard to see on that wood floor! Just like Angel is.

  29. That is a very fine tail Wally.

  30. Wally, you’re right…your tail does match your floor. Terrific case of camouflage!
    And what a bummer about that introoder. We’ve got a neighborhood gangster, too, who comes marking our porch door. Naughty guy!

  31. Wow, you’re tail really does blend in with the floor!
    We have a black introoder kitty here. Mom is trying find it’s owner. We think she’s a girl which scares mom!! She doesn’t want any kittens showing up.

  32. That’s purrty cool how you blend into the floor!
    We can’t believe the introoder had the nerve to get into your garage and walk all over your daddy’s car. Geesh. We have three introoders that come around here too but our big sisfur Sadie is getting good at chasing them away.

  33. Did your mommy buys that floor boards to go with you Wally?
    You keeps a eye out on that introoder!

  34. What a beautiful, Hall-of-Fame-worthy tail, and the matching with the floor makes it even better.

    Your picture made my Human think of a silly quote she read this morning: Never feed your cat anything that clashes with your carpet!


  35. That is totally rude! And even ruder, it sounds like he is broken, i.e., not fixed! I don’t blame you for still being on the lookout.

  36. It’s good your have your eyes out for that introoder.

  37. That is NOT COOL to pee on your property! No no no!
    Mr intruder needs to stay in his own garden!

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